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Cursed Date!


I have played a good deal of games on web, haven't happened to me a lot

Thanks! Yeah, this game somewhat resembles some old cooking games :D

It might be a bit tricky, but you should be able to go to the humans, hold Q to pick em' up. We fitted the theme by "losing" customers, or alike, the game permanently changes from failing to keep the restaurant non-destroyed :))

Haha thanks! Been making a bunch of games under the name, I've grown to like it! Cheers


I think the solutions was a bit too random, I would like to see it work better with the story as more the first one did. Great game!

Cool game! Got a bit confused at the start with "You defeated", but soon got to the 6th level, nice!

Yup, should have been a bit clearer :D

Cool game!

Maybe that should have been clearer, use E to pck up, and put it in the bowl. Server the bowl to the customers ;D

Yeah, that should have been clearer!

Hmm that is weird, either it is a strange bug because it works for me, or maybe you didn't hold it down?

Hi! Oh, we though we made it clear enough, apparently not! xD. Works for me just fine, the key is Q. Updated the description, maybe the next people will figure it out better :D

Nice game!!

Hmm, won't run for me, just blackscreen of death xD

Yeah, was a few bugs we didn't manage to fix before the deadline xD. But it only happens sometimes ://

Thanks for playing!

Thanks! We really focused on making both the game fit the theme (hands and cringe), and making an interesting mechanic that fitted along. Thanks for playing!

Yeah that is true with the disclaimer :))
I just start writing comments as I play along ;D

(1 edit)

Yeah on PC, I didn't know what different buttons did for a good 3 min. I didn't figure out the keyboard input too ://

Great game! Though I had no idea where the last mug was, and the letter ://

Hard to control, but cool lol

Cool game! Impressed that you guys pulled through, and neat little game! I feel like a pro, sold all my sales by going off-script, stick haha

Haha you bothered to make a disclaimer!
Nice game ! In which engine if I may ask?

Hey! Great game! Though it probably took me too much time to figure out what the game was about and what to do

Cool game!Some feedback: The platforms/character is too slippy, it is a bit infuriating

That was really funny to watch, I'm glad you had fun with your friends, which is the ultimate goal from this game.  We are continuously developing and improving the game and updating  it. You can find more of Halt the Heist updates on our discord channel. Thanks for sharing your experience with us! We appreciate the support and video!

We really appreciate that!!

Unfortunately, you can play it only on Windows platform just yet.

It is possibile to make it playable on other platforms too in the near future.

Hello there! We published the game 4 days ago, it is quite new on its development and this page so it explains why the page got only few comments.

But stay tuned today is a new update!

Hopefully you'll try out with other players someday!

Thanks! xD

Yeah, we noticed haha, thanks!

I think with a bit more work on the sfx, and generel sound, it could be even better xD

Found a bug where the sound keeps playing when the event pops up. Else, fun game!

Nice relaxing within a theme that quickly could have suggested other wise. Nice job! For this type of game, would have loves to see more work on the sound side of this:)) 

Thanks xD

Fitted the theme really good, but was a bit frustration. Oh well, I had fun, that is what matter xD

Like the way and concept that it is a revers survival zombiegame. More work and this could be something really great!