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This is so cool to see! Thanks for the video man! :) Nice to see a dedicated video to our small project! :) 

Thank you for the video footage and the comment!! Glad to hear that you enjoyed it! The current levels are still the ones that we made during the game jam! We also had the idea to make his living room and getting it stuffed with everything that he stole, we only didn t have the time to make this during the jam. We currently are starting up studio, we where checking if we could make this game in a full flegded thing, more levels, more stealing, more objectieve, more allergies! :D

Thank you!! :D We will make more levels in the future and redesign some of the existing ones! :)

Thanks a lot! I just updated the build, the bugs that where happening are gone now :) 

Thanks kind sir! We definitly will ramp up the difficulty! We still have some unused concepts we can put in the game! :D We also have an updated build ready where we removed the bugs that are in the current build:) We will bring new builds often (I hope)

This is really cool. I love the art of the game and the music. I just got thrown into the game got killed almost instantly! :D But damn this is nice! I this feels so arcady! It's amazing! Really good job guys! Gonna wrap us this review and give it a couple of extra tries! Gotta make that door! :D 

Nice aesthetics! Cool that the jetpack is out of control and that you can speed up or slow down the timer. Slow down I didn't really use, but speed up I did use a lot :D Cute idea :) Good job guys!! :) 

Thanks a lot! :D I wish you the same!! :D 

Thanks a lot and definitly will check out your game!!;) will rate and write a comment!:)

Thanks you!:D MGS was kinda the inspiration for out game:D so good to see that it reminded you of it:D

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cool good to hear!!:) good luck with the future projects!:)

I really like the idea of the game, had some issues with some of the bindings that I couldn't find or that didn't work (I'm a azerty pleb) but nonetheless really Nice game!:) good pixel art

I really like the concept of the game! I think there are still a lot of directions you can go with the game! I'm curious if you will continu working on the game after the jam. A really good job:)

This is so cool! I like the concept a lot! Also well executed. I'm a sucker for card games so I was happy this one contained cards. It's kinda hard to win though, which is actually really good! You have to plan ahead how to use your action points. At first I thought I could spam one action all the time untill a curse destroys all of your cows suddenly. Really cool game guys! Good job! :) 

True lol :D Sander had a random sneeze during our brainstorm. So we where like you can't  control a sneeze, let's do that :D You just have to stand in the circle near the object you wanna steal. But at the moment the pickup is sometimes bugged sadly. But we have a new build ready where it's fixed:) Thanks a lot for playing :) 

Thanks man! Great review to read! :) That's why you want to make games to make the players happy!:) We will continue the work after the jam :) So make sure to check it out in a while ;) 

Thanks a lot ^^ will check out your game:)

Very nice, kinda hard at the later levels, but it has a good difficulty curve :) Good job guys :) 

Thanks a lot kind sir! We will continu to work on the project after the jam :D So the build will be updated soon since Jonathan figured out all of the bugs :)  

Thanks for this comment. The bug has been fixed in our most recent build, so as soon as the jam is over we update it so that players don't have to encounter the bug. Also 1 tutorial level about breaking glass slipped through our fingers, between the 1st and 2nd level was supose to be another level where players where forced to knock into a pedestal with glass. That way players would notice how this system would work. We've also worked on more player help, like resets in each level, a way to get back to the main menu, etc. 

Thanks a lot!! Will play your game tomorrow:) 

Thanks a lot for playing the game, I was so hyped when the video came out, but then I got so sad when I saw you having the bug that is still in the build. You couldn't see all the levels :(

Yeah figured that out after a couple of failed attacks :D Gonna add it to the collection, wanna play the updated version :) Our game will also get a bug fix after the jam :') 

Damn this is a really nice game, first of all I love the intro screen, very clear what you need to do and can do. The pixel art is insane! Love it.

The game itself is very very polished I really like it. If I had to say one thing to improve the game even more is that maybe you need to add more player feedback, I often selected the sword but nothing happened at all, maybe like some sound effects if you use an action that can't be execute. 

Also easily 5 star rating! Really enjoyed it, and probably will play it again later today :) Wanna see all pixel art you guys made! (sucker for that HAHA)

This is one of the best reviews so far! I'm so happy that you like it this much! Really amazing! I'm so delighted by reading this! Gonna make a tweet of this review! Definitly gonna play and rate your game!! :) 

That's the kind of weird I like to see! :) Very funny that you can lay eggs! Good job guys!

Thanks you! We fixed the bug so as soon as the jam ends we update the build to get rid of of!:D Jonathan didn't take his allergy pills for the sole purpose of recording sneezes😂

Thanks for this comment! We are gonna make more levels and stuff after the jam is over. There is indeed a bug that happend there, our programmer found out the problem today. When we continu working on it we make sure the game gets harder.  We still have a couple of things which we can do with the mechanic:) 

frustrating but fun! i love the art style!!!

frustrating but fun! i love the art style!!!

This is a solide little puzzler :D great fun!

This is a solide little puzzler :D great fun!

Funny concept :D i feel that, if you would introduce more of strategy  by making new randome rules, the fun factor would increas drasticly

This is just great :D i love the sound and the concept!

seems like a cool idea. there was no sound though, and no enemies showed up, which left the entire experience a bit hollow. Also like the art, but maybe decide on a singular art style. Now it seems like you have 3 diffrent styles running through eachother.

I like the concept, wut it would be nice if you could do more with it though. Maby add a changing enviroment? or chatter from the kids without pauzing the game...

Very.... stressfull :'p but in a good way. I like the presentation here, though the game stoped working on the 4th level :/

Gonna play your game in a bit!! Will rate and write a comment:)

Thanks a lot!! Glad to hear that you had fun playing it!:D

Nice concept and lovely/funny  art style. A bit hard to controle, but i guess that is kind of the point :'p