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This game greatly surpassed my expectations to be sure. It's pretty simple, yet very addictive and everything just works (did I just quote Todd Howard?). The concept of Dodo avenging its race is pretty silly but weirdly adorable at the same time and thanks to the upgrade system I just kept on playing just to get that sweet shotgun (which is awesome btw.). The controls work pretty nice too and need some time to get the hang of them, which is good, so the player doesn't immediately feel like the game's too easy. Just wish it was a bit longer, so I could upgrade my Dodo even more, but well, it's a jam game so it's understandable. 

Really good job and fun game!

Well executed and plays really well, but it's way too punishing (more checkpoints would be great).

Also I don't really see the connection to the theme.

Very original and prety well executed. Aside from some minor bugs like the monster's health covering up the name of your weapon I didn't have any trouble playing the game and hitting the monster from different directions due  to different weapon patterns was really fun. The victory and lose screens would have been neat, but overall really good job!

Wait... am I the bad guy? Anyway really nicely made game with unexpected atmosphere for an indie jam game. Nice graphics too and the gameplay works really well. Also pretty well done tutorial that lets the player learn the mechanics themselves. Really good job!

Addictive and challenging game that ticks all the boxes in the jam's theme. I actually don't think I have a single complaint about this. Works absolutely flawlessly and is an amazing achievement for 48 hours. Great job!

The only game on this jam that had me return to it later to finish it. Haven't completed it yet, but the rating will certainly be good ;)

My true GTA V experience!

All jokes aside, this is truly an original and unique concept, I doubt I will ever see again. I only wish that its goal wasn't only a highscore system and that the game wouldn't make me sick, but good job anyway!!!

I can't believe I actually made it past the top hat mafia!

Well executed addictive game, that sticks to the theme nicely.

Only thing that I will point out is that the tophats blend in with the black background, so it can be hard to correctly judge their hitbox.

But otherwise, really good and fun entry!

Oh, thank you! It makes more sense now! Nice job!

It's actually amazing that you managed to create a fully functional 3d game during 48 hours. I would point out just some minor problems though. The interectable parts of the environment blend in with the rest of the scenery quite easily, so it can be quite hard to find them and the text in tutorial was also quite hard to read due to the white background. The jump feels quite floaty so some of the platforming sections can be quite tricky. Some enemy counter would also be useful, so the player doesn't miss any of them by accident.

On the positive side, really nice concept, the level design is also quite interesting and I liked the interaction with the world.

Nice entry!

Fun little addictive game that uses its main mechanic really good. Really good job, but still could use sime minor additions. Current control scheme fits the theme of the game well, but it can be quite tricky to aim (maybe an alternative control scheme where the charcter moves towards you mouse when you leftclick?) and maybe some enemies that would move in a different pattern towards the player, so you can't just stack them all in one giant pile and then basically massacre them.

But overall, really fun to play, good job!

Wow, this was really fun. Simple idea with powerful execution make a really addictive and challenging game. The artstyle is great, controls are responsive and it plays really good. I also like how the different enemies keep you always moving, so you have to make split second decisions in order to survive. I couldn't finish the second stage, but really good job. The only small problem I had is that during the bossfight it sometimes felt like I had to take damage, but that doesn't hurt the game in any major way. Really good job! Probably the most fun I hade during the entire jam so far!

I always died in only one hit, is that the theme of the game or am I doing something wrong?

Despite that, really nice looking game and can also be quite fun if I don't die 2 seconds into a fight

Really unique and interesting concept, but the game could certainly use more polish. Some checkpoints would definitely be great, because now the game can be really frustrating. I haven't got that far into to game, so I didn't even use the "electrical" sense, but I thought that it is supposed to be used to find the correct button to locked doors, which sadly didn't happen or at least didn't work for me. But still, really good job, incredible achievement for 48 hours, as the enviroment looks really good and with little more polish it could be really fun.

Quite an interesting game with pretty artstyle and fun gameplay. I would really enjoy some more levels and more mechanics, but I can imagine the 48 hor stress. Really enjoyed playing this one. Good job!

I'm quite amazed that you managed to create this world in 48 hours. At first, I had some trouble figuring out some of the controls (better in-game explanation is certainly needed) and wasn't quite sure what to do, but at the end it turned out to be quite fun and enjoyable experience. Only the one life mechanic is a little bit frustrating and ultimately made me quit the game as I passed out in that dark maze and i'm also not quite sure about the adherence to the theme (or is it the 1 life mechanic?), but overall, really impressive and good job!

I was really quite pleasantly surprised by this one. The main mechanic of the game is unique, functions quite well and fits the theme of the jam perfectly. It also makes you think about what platforms you should land on, so you can finish the level.  The movement is quite floaty and the game is quite short but given the 48 hours format, really good job!

Really cool and interesting concept for sure. I dig the pixel artstyle and the effect of the light actually decreasing as my fuel went down was also pretty neat. The combat is pretty simple and basic, but it works for what it is. The only real complain I have is that the map is too big for its own good. At least a blindminimap that would show the position of you and the stones woould be really great.

Overall, pretty good, with more polish it could be really memorable. Good job!

Probably the most visually impactful game during the entire jam. The main mechanic of the game works really great and sticks to the theme perfectly. The only complain I have is that the game can feel little pointless considering my only goal is just a highscore ladder (maybe collecting some parts in order to escape would help...?). Great game nonetheless and really good job!

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The idea is nice and original and the elaboration is good for the most part, but it can become boring and repetitive quite easily. Some more variety would be great (maybe some ramps where you have to be quick to get across or maybe a tunnel?), but I can understand that it was hard to make because of the time restraints. A backmirror for seeing cars that want to crash into you from behind would also come in handy.

But on the good side, the control(s) are very tight and responsive (it also took me some time to adapt to the fact that the down arrow doesn't actually mean brake, which lead to some funny moments :) ) and the game looks and performs great. The city also looks incredible with some interesting buildings and the turning system is really interesting. Good job!

Very fun to play game that really forces you to think carefully about your every step and even makes you risk a few times. The adherence to the theme was a bit weaker, but the core gameplay is really well polished and enjoyable. Well done!

One of the best games i've yet played during this jam and the only one that makes you feel like a truly badass ninja. With smooth gameplay, good artstyle and incredible amount of polish, I can't understand how this game gets so little love. Great job!

Very fun and funny game, that sticks to very original idea and sticks to the theme of the jam quite well. One of the most enjoyable experiences i've had during this entire jam.

Very well done! Keep up the good work!

Fun little game with nice looking artstyle, small story and some original shooting.

Could've been more polished and longer, but in the time boundaries of the jam it's great and fun.

Good job!

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Nice idea, but the game certainly needs more polish. The weapons don't feel that impactful and using the melee weapons is almost suicide, because it puts you really close to the enemies. Some kind of dodge button would've also been neat. But I can understand that this has been created within few days, so for that it has some things going for it. The artstyle is quite nice looking and the game is packed with references to movies and games, which is always a plus. 

Nice attempt and if the developer polishes it after the jam even more, it could be great fun!

Nice and original idea, but the gameplay isn't that great. As mentioned before, the indicator of doing any actual damage is needed and more stages of the enemy would've also been great. The artstyle is good and with little more polish, it could've been memorable.

A pretty looking game, but at the end just basicly glorified rock, paper, scissors, where the outcome is basically decided by blind luck. Maybe if the outcome of the fight was decided after putting two cards in different positions it would be more fun.

Really good job for your first game, it fits the theme of the jam well and is qquite original. The 3 playstyles are also quite distinctive and interesting. However, better explanation of all the attributes would be great as often I was a little bit confused on what I just did. Good job!

Really well done and fun game with great and challenging level design and incredible amount of polish, but I don't really see the connection to the theme of the jam here. Great game in it's own good but the adherence is almost missing.

Really fun game with great physics and nice artstyle. The adherence to the theme is a bit weaker and the plug can be sometimes really hard to control, but it's fun and overall a really good job!

Fun platformer with interesting mechanic and good level design. Really fun to play and has great potential. If the developer sticks with it and create more levels after the jam, it could really grow into something bigger. Really good job!

Really good game that removes the tedium of passive waiting of traditional TD games and instead forces you to be active and focused all the time. Looks great, difficulty on point and with later mechanics like flying enemies or the mortar really secures the fun factor of the whole thing.

One of the best I've tested during this jam. Really good work!

With quite an original concept and beautiful elaboration, this game has to be the best one I've yet played in this jam. I'm generally not a big fan of TD games, but this was a fun experience from start to finish.

The controls were smooth and responsive, difficulty set in about right level, style is charming and the upgrade system makes the game more fun and removes the tedium. I also like the fact that, although it doesn't make that much sense, your character is actually faster when carrying the tower, which leads to a dillema, if I should pick up the tower to be able to faster get those sweet sweet upgrade crystals. It also sets itself nicely for possible future updates with more maps and bigger enemy variety.

Overall, really good job and I really enjoyed playing it.

P.s.: manual pause button would be great, as I was playing the game during my breakfast, which made things really hectic. ;)

I wasn't able to finish this game due to being it too difficult for me xD, but even with that, I can safely say that this is pretty enjoyable experience.

The graphics are minimalistic, but they get the job down and being able to quickly distinguish different parts of the game really adds to the game and can be the difference between life and death. The theme of the game is really original, interesting and certainly fun, although a little challenging, you really have to check every direction before every step to avoid certain death.

Overall, nicely made and fun to play. Don't know how the game is long considering I didn't finish it, but good job!!!

In this game  you  have only one platform to move on which is controlled by your mouse. You then have to constantly run to the right as the left border of the screen closes in. You have to coordinate the movement of your character with the movement of the platform in order to finish the game.

The graphics are colorful, handdrawn, although the backgroung can be somewhat distracting. My main fault was, that I didn't first read the description of the game, so I didn't instatly realise that I could move the character aswell as the platform (therefore I would maybe advise a better in-game explanation for people like me :D ). 

The game is pretty fun, but I think that the character should have a higher falling speed, because now in order to get lower on the screen you have to slow down, which can often lead to inevitable death. This problem caused that I was unable to finish the game.

Overall, not bad, but polishing it more would lead to game being more fun.

Very nicely made fun little game with even a message and that the end of it.

The goal is simple: you have to this small platformer by jumping only once during each level. That makes you carefully think about your every decision and judge your every move. Plus it fits the theme of the jam perfectly.

The design is very minimalistic but effective and is looks really good.

I don't even think I had any major problems with this game. Like obviously it could've been longer and have more mechanics added in later levels, but that is probably due to the limited time of the jam. The only thing that was a little frustrating was the one life for the whole game mechanic, that was pretty unnecessary, but due to the short lenght of the game it wasn't that big of an issue.

Overall, really good work and if the developer decides to stick with it after the jam, it could be really interesting.

The overall design of the city is pretty good and the characters certainly do have certain charm added to them. The classic riddle is pretty easy to finish, so something to spice it up a little bit would be really appreciated, but due to the time restraint it's pretty understandable.

The only major problem I had with the game is that my mouse cursor didn't lock in the playing window. Not sure if that's a fault of the game or my browser, but it's certainly something that really discouraged me from playing, so after finishing the riddle I didn't even bother with finding the dog.

Overall, not bad, I really dig the design of city and characters and with little more polish and maybe more stuff to do it would be an enjoyable fun little game.