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I never imagined there'd come a time in my life where I'd spend a workday with my thoughts drifting inexorably back to, 'Is it just my imagination that I failed time and again to properly satisfy a chubby, digital bug girl last night?'

8.5/10 game so far, and I feel like I'm only scratching the surface.

Ah! Thanks, klippi. Kind of baffles me that I didn't manage to hit that particular spot in my mad clicking, but sure enough, the hitbox was there.

And all the same, oxo, I'm happy to hear that you'll be looking into remedying that weirdness. Hoping that position menu was the only thing I was missing out on reaching.

Been long enough that I'm not sure you'll catch this, but any idea what the problem had been for you? I'm on Mac myself, and no matter what I press nor what I try and do to that little arrow on the left (assuming that's somehow involved), I never see any kind of menu. Basically stuck on the first animation.