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This is a wonderful compliment!  You pretty much just described why I made it!

Holy cow! It actually works if you crack open an emulator! Crazy~

This feels like the beginning of something super cool.  Excited to see future versions~

Was snuggled by Amdusias. Bonus points awarded for this.

I like the "what if the universe of Altered Carbon was a good and happy place where you snugglefuck kobolds" vibe a lot.  Will keep an eye out for future chapters~

Aaahhhh I love the vibe, would love to see this finished <3

This is so adorable I love it aaaaaa

Blushy romance is my catnip so... a million stars.  Want more. Want all of this. Yes put this game in my face forever kthx.  I stopped my first session (playing this again, definitely) after getting stuck on the water puzzle (maybe I bring fish back? how do?) so mmmmaybe there are places where the game could be more self-explanatory, but the datequest idea-- super cute!

The artwork in this game is so pretty! My only complaint is that I had a hard time figuring out what was going on, some more design affordances and maybe a thicker manual section would help.  (I'm one to talk with my special-snowflake race driving mechanic but still.)  This game is probably smarter than I was able to figure out, but it was fun all the same.

I really like this game a lot, but there's just this one problem-- the fights go on too long.  Once you've mastered the mechanic of a given boss fight, you're just doing the same thing over and over again for too long a lot of the time.  Also, a lot of the boss health meters stay full-looking for a large portion of the fight, making it kind of confusing as to whether you're ever going to win or not.  Jumps are maybe a little floaty but overall the basic fight mechanic is sound.  Fights might take too long but they are satisfyingly tense.

The artwork is super-cute and the dialog's weird, snarky vibe is a delight.  I would love to see this built out and deepened!

Glip's artwork is, as always, friggin' delicious.  The text is fun and I love the frustrated protagonist's role in scenes.  Cute as heck~

Let's be honest, this thing is probably gonna win.  It's GREAT.  The pixel art is flawless and beautiful (I mean how the hell do you get boobs that are never bigger than 9 pixels to be drool inducing, just like HOW), the platforming is crisp, the mechanics are fresh, and there's lap dancing.

This is just hands down my favorite so far.  Please make more.

This game is fun, Crow's art style blends well with 3D, and the presence of sexy voice acting is a definite plus.  The voice acting in the first fight kind of detracts from the otherwise playful premise-- she sounds less than jazzed about the situation, but mostly the voice acting is working with the premise rather than against it, and the moans are, uh, appreciated.

For a finished product I'd like to see more animation on the opponents, although as always that's harder.  I found some clipping into the columns was possible, which is an issue in a game where a good strategy is to strafe around corners a lot.

On the whole this is a really polished experience that shows a lot of potential!

The artwork in this is ADORABLE and the idea intrigues me, I want to see this finished pretty bad...

This game's concept and puzzle execution both really shine!  I'm very impressed at the level design, which delivers a lot of sound puzzle gaming!

I agree with Barreytor on sticking with something that's working.  If you have a way to make a game, and it does what you need, then clambering over to another platform mid-game-jam is probably more than you should bother with for now.  That said, I highly encourage you to try out LÖVE, or perhaps Godot, as both are cross-platform without paying for it.

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I know, there's a reason I said "accessible".  Sure, technically, once there's code, a windows user "only" has to install python, pygame, and PIL, THEN download my tarball and run it.  That's fine for linux users (not because linux users are hardcore, it's /actually a lot easier/ to install pygame and PIL, and python is already installed), but windows users will be installing three programs they may never use again from different websites just to play a silly internet game.

My question was more about, is there a history of Py2Exe working well under wine, or can it cross-build to windows from linux?  Is there a different path (or specific way of using Py2Exe) that will save a lot of time?  Basically asking if anyone's already done the yak-shaving on porting to "easy" windows, because any given hour of yak-shaving I save goes straight into game features.

Basically, I'm asking if any one knows the "smart and easy way" to do this thing that I'm sure I can figure out how to do, possibly the hard way.

Anyone ever developed Python on Linux and then ported to Windows? I would love to make my game as accessible as possible, and that definitely means having a .exe for Windows users.  I've heard of things like py2exe but I have no idea how much trouble they can be, or whether it's easy to do from Linux.  (I have a single windows machine but ideally I keep that as a /target/ machine to check if the exe was made correctly.)  My only external dependencies are PyGame and Python Image Library if that helps.