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It's only slightly easier than Jumpo's Hell... or is it harder? Not sure.

Download the JCL here.


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This is for levels that are older, as they're(older JCL files are) not compatible with newer versions of JC. Because of an issue loading, I had to reopen this.


Thanks jacklack! I made a much more dastardly level, but I gotta wait until the release of powerups.

While I was making Jumpo's Hell, SushiPantsu made a house. I decided to recreate it and upload it here. Here's a comparison(the one with the yellow 50 is mine)

Download JCL here.

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This map alone is just a pain. SERIOUSLY! Even after learning the technique, I still got stuck at the hardest step, which is now going to be a signature of all my levels.

Download JCL file

It appears this is the first level ever created that wasn't a test level by Jacklack.

Video that showcases this level below.

oh lol, sorry for the confusion, thought you were an alt or somethin.

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Cool. I'd love to help test the editor if that's okay.

Also, I have many difficulties with the helicopters. Could you add a "simple" flight mode where it prevents spiraling out of control?

Can we have a map editor? I'd love to submit my own maps for this game.