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idk if i'm dumb but i can't find the settings and the sensibility is wack

a guide would be cool because i had alerts like there are a lot of anomalies but i couldn't notice anything particuliar, it would be useful to know what can be an anomaly

Really good! I just wished all the endings weren't the same, like with the guy coming from the right

uh is there any other route that being shitalked for 10mn

I was feeling really bad when I wanted to try one of the many itchio games i downloaded to change my mind

I started Mermaid Splash because the esthetic was really apeling, and I did the Angie route. This is soooooooooo adorable, so well written, the visual style is so cool, now i feel amazing, and i'm motivated. 

Idc if i sound dumb but yeah, it made me go back to this page and i bough the game (first time i do that)

Support the games you love !

Thanks for your work!!