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Builderboy426 Productions

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I agree, DwynJorl, this is my first game jam, that I have done, and I am more focused then ever to get my project done.  I will be excited to see all of the projects that will be released!

The NES was not meant for 3D modles, unless, those models were converted to 2D sprites of 16 by 16 pixels...

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I'm using:

  • Gamemaker: Studio v1.4 (Images & Code)
  • Bosca Ceoil (Sound Track)

If you need help I could help you understand GameMaker: Studio.

No problem, and I understand.

Great job Haxor!  I love this game and I can see improvements that could potentially occur.  For example, new hardware types.  I can't wait to see what you have in store next update!

Youtube Tycoon community · Created a new topic Beta 0.6.0


  • Seed generator for Random effects
  • Worker manager: manages all workers that you hire.
  • Hacker Security being free


  • Minor bugs