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Well deserved first place, gg man.

This game have the only 5 stars in Theme I gave on this jam.


I know, we barely make it in time and couldn't show or tell more about whats going on and the puzzle, I'm currently working on an update to fix that.

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Thanks! And anything that doesn't show the green outline when aimed isn't meant to be picked up. So yeah, only the skeleton parts and other item, the rest of the things that look somewhat special are there to give hints to about the puzzle . And the water is evil or something (I'm working on an update to explain and show a bit more)

Yeah, sometimes the game wont respond to the jump command, sometimes happened when I was at the edge of a plataform or was trying to perform a triple jump. but after that, is all good.

Great game, I really enjoyed it, first game in this jam I had fun until the end of the game, nice work.