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Got it. Well this is game 6 in my attempt to make 10 games in 10 weeks. Unfortunately life got in the way of this game and I had to leave it finished as is. I wasn't happy with the player controls or camera, so jumping onto anything is a pain and the conveyor belts change player physics, so it's even worse there. All I can do now is learn what I can from it.

Hey, just wanted to say thank you for the artwork. I used it for my personal "one game a week" challenge. You're doing the Lord's work by saving everyone from programmer art.

Hey, thanks for the input. I'm actually very unhappy with this game, and if you are talking about the long fall you take at the "end" of the level, I'm surprised you made it that far. I'm in the process of posting the postmortem where I got into some detail as to why this game is largely unfinished. When, or if, I get back to this game, I will look into the issue you mentioned. Thanks again for playing!