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Thanks for the input! I was stupid enough to build this game on the code framework I had from a game jam entry and I kind of put myself into a corner with bugs. I will probably tackle that mess in the future and make the game more stable. 

Thanks for the honesty. This is definitely not a game I'm happy with because I had to cut out the interesting pause and rewind mechanics along with a few other interesting abilities. Unfortunately they weren't working consistently enough and I decided to submit a boring working game instead of an interesting idea that no one could play.  Maybe next time.

My mistake. Thanks!

Yeah, originally it was going to affect vision/hearing (by updating graphics/sound), your speed (by letting you move and shoot faster), your strength (life), a psychic ability (enemy and bullet knock back), and a the ability to rewind time.  At the last minute I took out everything interesting because it was working a bit too wonky. The bosses wouldn't rewind properly and the knock back was pretty much doing the same thing as rewind, so it got scraped so that I could rush music and sounds.

Yeah, I totally didn't get asked what was wrong with me by my wife for screaming ping as I ran from underwater ghosts. I had fun with this! Thanks for making me look like a fool. Awesome sound fx too.

Hey I like the concept, but I think there is something wrong with the current build. I'm only seeing a green area in the upper right and occasionally fruit or creatures show up. The rest of the screen in blue.

HA! Nothing goes hand in hand like Surfing and science. Fun game. Was it missing music and sound or was that a bug?

The story book idea was awesome! I love top down shooters and this check a lot of my boxes for what makes them fun. The only downside is, I don't like cats. HA! Good work.

To start, I want you to know you get 5 stars in visuals for making a triangle dragon.  The game was simple, fun and easy to understand. Occasionally I would get stuck and couldn't right or left, for instance I would be moving left, then release the left arrow, then tap it again to move and I would get stuck. Overall I really enjoyed the game. It scratched my retro gaming itch.

I had fun with it. The mouse sensitivity was insane even when I dropped the DPI to 800. I did have fun just sprinting from Santa, but trying to duck and get into vents and under tables was hard with the sensitivity. Santa scared me and I loved the sound in the game. 

Love the way he walks and how his mouth "noms". I was able to walk off screen in the upper left corner of the first level and in the second level Collected all the creatures and one of the poisonous creatures and didn't advance. I loved the concept and your execution was great. What a fun game!

Nooooo! That was a 2am in the morning mistake! Thanks for pointing it out.

Got it. Well this is game 6 in my attempt to make 10 games in 10 weeks. Unfortunately life got in the way of this game and I had to leave it finished as is. I wasn't happy with the player controls or camera, so jumping onto anything is a pain and the conveyor belts change player physics, so it's even worse there. All I can do now is learn what I can from it.

Hey, just wanted to say thank you for the artwork. I used it for my personal "one game a week" challenge. You're doing the Lord's work by saving everyone from programmer art.

Hey, thanks for the input. I'm actually very unhappy with this game, and if you are talking about the long fall you take at the "end" of the level, I'm surprised you made it that far. I'm in the process of posting the postmortem where I got into some detail as to why this game is largely unfinished. When, or if, I get back to this game, I will look into the issue you mentioned. Thanks again for playing!