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Yeah I hadn't noticed until after I commented you also wrote the engine. I saw it under a different github so that threw me off. Cool stuff man! For three days, it was nice and playable.

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Very polished, excellent submission, essentially feature-complete game. Lighting is great, love the use of the Go Gopher :3 consistently styled UI. Code could use a bit of organization. Nearly no commenting, and one giant master source file for the bulk of the logic. Refactored into sub functions won't hurt branching that much I don't think, and it could benefit immensely from code organization. That being said, I love the technique used to define levels, very efficient! Something I'd expect out of a 2D Game but better. Gameplay is fun, the puzzles are challenging, made all the better by the clear effort in the sound design.

Clearly a lot of work went into the design of the underlying systems, it has a lot of advanced stuff and controls. The art suffered I feel, and there's no sound whatsoever. While the code has a lot going on technically, there's little to no commenting. Organization is pretty abysmal, and it doesn't look very readable, With variable names something out of C++ compiler directives. The Go style guidelines were almost entirely ignored, but again, I won't knock it too hard for all of the advanced things it has going on.

Gameplay was fun, and was surprisingly complex. Could have potential if it were fleshed out and polished along with the art and sound.

Consistent style is nice, simple puzzles. Pacing on the levels is a bit off, the puzzle mechanics are introduced in an order I'd consider rocky, like the difficulty of the levels (simple as they are) doesn't increase linearly, instead there is a somewhat hard level (from the standpoint of not knowing the puzzle mechanics fully yet) then immediately one that is much more simple. The controls to pick up and drop things are a little finicky. The positioning requirements seem to be overzealous that makes it end up feeling tedious to fiddle to get on just the right tile to drop the item. Specially at first when you are trying to learn just what you have to do and you think you're doing something wrong, when in reality it's just the positioning not being perfect.

Code quality is good, nice and easy to read through. A little sparse on commenting here and there, and the hack on the CSV parsing where you're iota instantiating the different tile types is a bit awkward. Overall good use of the engine you chose.

I like the documentation with the design doc. There seems to be a disconnect on the art style between a low-res, 8-bit-esque style and a high definition style. I found this also occurring with the audio. 8bit music and some effects high def and some 8bit. A general cohesion/agreement on one style or the other would be nice to see. Or if you could pull it off, somewhere where one team is 8bit and the other is high-def. Could be an interesting stylization.

Gameplay was alright, generic, but not un-fun.

It's been a long... and relatively quiet 3 months.. but the Gopher Game Jam has finally come to the submission deadline!

I'm going to take some time over the next few days to evaluate the submissions, and I encourage anyone else apart of the jam to do the same.

If you are having any issue with evaluating the submissions, please comment to this post so I can fix any permissions issues there may be.

Thanks to all those who worked hard to submit their Go game titles! I'm excited we manage to get this far with my spur of the moment quest to start a game jam.

Also thanks to those who gave me really helpful feedback and questions regarding the jam, I've learned a lot, and next time I do one of these, I hope to have learned from my mistakes and find more of an audience.

Again, wonderful work everyone, and I'm looking forward to checking out the submissions!

Sorry I missed this comment somehow. License the code how you desire, as long as we can build it ourselves for purposes of evaluating the submission.

I did not want to have compiled binaries submitted for purposes of those that would like to submit malware-laden titles to the jam. Please only submit source archives with build instructions, and instructions on how to acquire any needed third party libraries.

uuuuuuuhhh what?

Awesome! Our first submission that wasn't from a spambot!! I will take a look at it this weekend. I would've gotten to it sooner but I had a snafu with getting my password reset. I look forward to seeing what you've created! Thanks again for participating.

The submissions are expected to be open source, so I'd say definitely :P

Yeah, each submission will be judged on its own merit, I can't see why you shouldn't be able to submit more than one.

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You may want to check out: QML-Go

Apparently it is not version dependent on QML, and this repo has been updated more recently than any other I could find (The original repo has not been updated for quite a while).

Some further resources of specific interest to Go game ddevelopment employing QML

Thanks for offering your assistance! I hope you find some takers among the participants.