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Hello and thanks for playing my game! I've just uploaded a new version of the game that fixes the above bug, as well as introduces some balance changes that should make the game much more fun! Please give it another try!

Thanks for playing! Yes the random length of the curse (as well as the individual words to a lesser extent) is far too variable in this version. We'll be updating it after the jam so that the lengths and difficulties ramp up over time instead of being totally random. Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for playing and for the feedback! My personal high score is 155, but obviously I've played it quite a lot! 94 is very very good! You're quite correct that it's often better to take a power up. If I can get a coin with one word but it would take two words to kill an enemy, I might as well take the coin and have time left over. Swords are of course priority #1 since they're the only way to clear a screen at the height of a wave.

We're working on the font and should have an update out after the jam is complete to address it; thank you for the input!

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In that case, there may be a bug in the web version. Clicking on plants or enemies or anywhere doesn't seem to do anything at all.

edit: Never mind, it seems to be working now! I also notice there's an icon under the mouse cursor that wasn't appearing last I played. I guess the game load must have glitched that time?

I love the look of this and the sound is great! Neat little game but extremely difficult!

Looks like a fun idea but I couldn't quite figure out how to eat plants or fight so I died :( I loved the tile selection though, one of my favorite packs of Kenney's! Also, as an avid fan of eating my vegetables, I'll drop an extra few stars for any game that centers around plant eating :)

I loved the look of this! Extremely creative and innovative but my character went blind pretty much immediately and all I could see was white. I'm sure I was just being dumb and not getting it but with a blank white screen I wasn't really sure what to do?

The look of this game is just perfect! Everything feels fluid and the animations are great! My only complaint is that in games like this you can usually set up combos so that combining one item causes things to fall into place so you get another combination, but that doesn't seem to work here.

Thanks, I can't really take credit for it though as we mostly stole it from 1920s flappers.

Thank you! It's so true, there are some words that come up that I'm not sure I've actually ever managed to type correctly a single time after at least a hundred playthroughs (yes, I'm looking at you, "shnookerdookies").

Thanks for playing and thank you for the feedback! This is by far the most common complaint we've gotten so I'll address it first thing if there's an update. Do you think it would help if we made the background clutter darker?

Thank you for playing and for the kind words and great feedback! If you think your fingers got tired playing it, imagine testing it out over and over again amidst 48 hours of banging out code, haha! You make a very good point about how the UI can be hard to pay attention to, as your focus is lasered in to one point on the screen. I like to think that's part of the challenge, but if we make a future update I'll try to optimize the UI so you don't have to look too many places at once. I really appreciate you taking the time to write this!

Thank you, I haven't played that but my dev partner mikefictitious has and pointed out the same, so I hope it's a good thing? I think of it more as "Mavis Beacon Teaches Swearing."

We really had a lot of fun with the puns and crude humor on this, and I hope it showed through? Honestly hard to tell sometimes if it's just an inside joke from sleep deprivation or actually funny! I'm really glad you enjoyed it and always happy to teach some new works-safe curse words!

It's truly an honor then! I hope the rest of your plays were enjoyable as well!

Haha thank you, I'm glad you caught our terrible pun! Is it even a pun? I think it might be an even lower form of humor than that. Anyway, I'm delighted you enjoy it :)

The polish on this is extremely impressive! It's like a first-person 3d frogger ... with zombies!

Nice but could use a few more levels! Love that club music though, haha!

I absolutely adore the look of this game and the lighting effects are really cool! It could have really benefited from some sound effects though. The curses were fun and clever, but I have to admit I didn't get a single one right! The tips were useful but I couldn't read them all before my time was up.

Thanks for checking it out, and excellent point about the font! I think there's an extra onus on us here to be clear since a lot of the words we chose are unfamiliar to most people. Really appreciate the feedback!

The first level is repeating over and over, but it's got a smooth UI and I love the font! Could use some sort of audio of course.

Haha I'm glad you liked it and got the joke! Sometimes when play testing during development I'd type a few words out and just be unable to stop laughing at what I just typed. I should probably get some sleep though. :D

I love games with a corruption mechanic like this! Well put together and nice clean visuals. The sound was really well done as well. The UI was a little finicky at times but nothing that got in the way.

I love the look of this (it reminds me of papercraft), and it had me cracking up laughing at some of the silly physics interactions. Neat and fun game!

Stellar presentation and really well thought out puzzles! Even though the challenge is in the ship being a bit hard to control, the handling was very responsive and always made sense.

I genuinely love this game! Super simple but well crafted for exactly what it is. The puzzles are straightforward but very clever and require careful planning. This reminds me a little of a great MS-DOS game I played decades ago called "Pyro2."

Thank you so much! Coming up with the word lists was really fun, most of them are insults from 100 years ago so you might get some funny looks if you try to drop them into conversation but I love the sound of them ;)

Thank you, and thanks for the feedback on the font! We struggled a lot with different colors and highlighting options but there's still room for improvement for sure. I'll add that to the feature list if I decide to patch post-jam.

I'm a big fan of your game as well and commented on your page!

Thanks so much for your kind words!

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

This is a fun idea and well put together. Not sure I understand what the typing is actually doing in relation to the car (didn't seem to make the car go faster, and I didn't see any ill effects of having letters turn to runes), but it was fun to play! I'm a fan of typing games, myself :)

Not sure I understand what the curses are doing, but nice pong implementation!

The most fun I've ever had as a tomato!

Really well put together world and great atmosphere! The clicking could get a bit fiddly because of the small targets which are hard to see zoomed out so far (I missed the wife's phone on a few click attempts and just assumed it was a comb and wandered around), but it's a great throwback to the point-and-click adventure days! If you decide to keep working on this after the jam, I'd suggest increasing the click area around objects and giving them a highlight on mouse over.

Challenging and cool concept. The minimalist look and ambient music are very relaxing.

Funny and fun game, I love the sound effects! Super impressive how much polish you put in! Controls are tricky but that adds to the fun.

Super smooth and polished! Love the theme and execution. Spot-on learning curve too and great introduction to the core mechanics.

Really neat game and great atmosphere! Love the music and sound fx. Extremely challenging and had a good laugh a couple of times at how sadistic it can be!

Really well made and polished game! The gameplay is fun and simple, and the visuals and music are pleasant. Good and relaxing little game, reminds me a bit of theme hospital.

Great presentation and good use of the tile set. Really difficult game!