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nice update

The game was really nice. And also here's a game play to watch, this is for inspiration for you (sorry didn't finish the game). So here's my personal feed back and please don't be mad this are ideas you might use in your future projects. 

Feed back
-add a full screen display (To have a better view of the game)
-make the monster scary (make a scarier design for the monster)
-Develop a better graphic (Like the title of the game and some designs as well)
-Make the menu of the game nicer ( make It nice and scary)
-Put the warning in the intro of the game (So a lot of player will prepare the warning of the game)

Not gana lie the game was fun. Not expecting to be this good but hey you prove me wrong dev. and for that I'm proud of you. Keep up the good work and also why you didn't reply to my last comment :( ?. ( TY for the game and I hope to see more games from you in the future)

OK I played the game and it was INTENSE!!!. Didn't finish the game because I was scared and I'll give you a feed back later ok dev.

Ahhh I see. Well I can wait, that means the game will be more fun to play so yeah. Take your time  I can wait, don't be pressure  ok take your time to make your craft even more better.

I was just asking because I'm curious, I'm sorry please don't hurt (XD). I was trying if the dev would reply me back. Since he reply to you back and you reply to me back I'll play ok :) .

Lorelei's Limbo community · Created a new topic NO way!!!!!

The game getting sick damm, Nice update tell me if patch everything up and I'll lay it ok dev.

I see you post here on as well. I leave also a link here as well if you didn't see this kk.

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quick question how old are you? 

this is your 1st game hhhmmm..... i'll check it out if you reply 

Nice read your description, I'll Play to your game again once everything is complete. But right now i'll keep my eye on you. Keep it up :)

my I ask one question, can this game save and load while playing it?

wow updates keep it up

Hey no problem keep it up

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Hi I read your description, The story is nice and I see you made it on your own which is nice. So here's some feedback I'll leave for you to improve in this game or even in your developing skills.

-I like how you put the guide controls in the starting in the game. In the story of the game, you should put it with subtitles or voice acting. In you menu page/description in your is nice, but to make its even better try to put a trailer. The game play was....not gana lie please don't be offended, It was weird. Try to set a better game mechanic like hiding, random jump scares, etc.

The game was fine you just need more improvements. Not gana lie for a solo developer like you, Not bad on making this 3D game and keep it up M8.

ok i play :)


The Nighmare Alpha1 community · Created a new topic hi

if you reply i play :)

thank you too dev no homo (again this is a joke the homo part XD )


Hey dev it's me, here's the video. Hope you enjoy this video, I put a lot of effort in this video than your game (this just a joke please don't take this seriously XD ). Any how watch this video if you loss hope in developing in game and remember one of those gamers is waiting for your game. 


-In your menu there was a bug i can't click the esc or back button

-before starting the game, try to show the controls. (Because i didn't saw it in the menu and it was bug hope you understand)

-try to fix the image of the note letters when turning on the flash light

all in all it was a fun game

(hope to see you in the future :). Tell me if the games finish kk )

OMG it's him XD

Hey dev, Played the game and i like it. I did a video and the game was amazing. PLs do tell me if you post the full game and soon i'll post the video kk :) .

I played it and I scream a lot thanks for the game dev :).

thanks dev

I see you post at as well, I'll also a link here if didn't see the message that I leave from gamejolt. Any how I enjoy the game and please do tell if you make more games in the future :) .

Hey dev, here's part 2 enjoy

Loop community · Created a new topic Hi I played your game

I didn't finish the game. Yet, i'm gana post part 2 of it soon kk :). all in all I enjoy the game thanks for making it :) .

the game was fast.

here's my personal feedback ok:

-make the maze harder

-put random location for the button

-put something like a hiding mechanic because to A.I. is too smart to follow the player

and that's hope you use this to develop your skills in the future thanks for making the game :) .

hey there dev, played your game and it was nice.keep it up

Hi there developer , I saw you have post this as well. Here's a game play that I made and I hope you will enjoy this :).   (I also post a comment on your gamejolt account just in case if you didn't see this) 

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Hi I was late to playing this game on its release. But I still played it and it was amazing. I hope you like this commentary I made (thanks dev.)

I hope you enjoy this.

Hey hey there dev. my channel got terminated i'm sorry the video was gone. but i created a new channel soon. sorry