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Thanks dev glad u like it! (especially the fan art XD ). I'll see you and your game in the future when it's 2022 :) { Let's hope jacksepticeye will play this! }. 

Played the game , enjoy it.  Hope you like the video dev or you random person who find and read this comment.

Dear Dev, 

Please don't be mad this is just a feedback to help you develop.

The graphics was fine when playing it, love the style and effort you put into this game. Its atmosphere was creepy, really give the vibe that this place was hunted (good job) and I was excited. 

But what lower thrill when playing this game is that there were too many notes on the floor and each note contains a lot of words. (Recommend to only get the important parts of the story)

The font size was small, that you need to go closer to monitor when reading it. (Find the perfect font size for the player when reading it, from his/her chair to the monitor) 


fix the menu

add a fade in fade out, to the pop-out timer text (the one that every time when the clock bell rings)

improve jump scares

add settings to the game like sounds or the volume.

I recommend you make more horror games (I like it's environment), you just need some improvements that's all. 

Also I had a 1st reaction video about to ur game.

It never finish the game, because the game is to hard for me (puzzle) and I hate reading (sorry).

 {but I had some fun while playing it tho don't worry}

But either way, hope this makes you smile and enjoy this video. (note the video is private, so yeah if your interested and want to see it. Pls reply me back and leave a link to your Gmail account according to google so I can send you the video).

Good job dev, and good luck with your next game :) <3.

Hey, played your game hope U like this video that I made

Nice DEMO and great job. Hope you enjoy this video I made.

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Love U Max Horror no-homo. (also this thumbnail almost looks like from your videos XD)

Never expected this, that one day you will become a game developer. And not gonna lie, NICE JOB DUDE.

SURPRISE!!! Mr. beast approve this game XD. 

10:20 Demon Lord's Revenge

HO HO HO! Merry Christmas, your in my bad boy list but Oh well. Here's a present SURPRISE!!!.

7:30 Stealth Game 1

SURPRISE!!! Happy Birth Day, here's your present :).

5:28 Pewds Ball Breaker

Hey Hey, why u kill my father :(. Any how surprise!!! hope you enjoy this video. (this are only jokes, I not mad ok)

2:43 Circle Of Vengeance


-Improved art in the game (love it)

-Nice back ground music (chilling)

-Text sound effect (fine)

-You change some of the character design (very good, very nice)

-I kind da digging to the puzzle (Hard work pays off)

-NICE plot twist on !@#$%^& (OMG!)

-I like the picture flash back (I wish there was more)

Con's: (or other positive ideas)

-Pick or choose a choice in some conversation in the story 

(to have a special adventure for the player on what type of a protagonist they want to be.

-Good, Bad, or a Asshole XD )

-Change the tone of the music in some conversation

(small to details can have a big impact, that emotional feeling when the player is reading the text)

-Add sound effects 

(like when the character is waking up, put some sound effect)

-Fix the inventory part in Leuka 

(It was a bit weird to click the items)

-Add help or quest bar to repeat the puzzle/riddle or what is the next goal of the player

(I get lost sometimes so yeah, or I'm just clumsy)

The Biggest problem when playing: (Do be sad we all make mistake, this will make you stronger in your future projects games)

The game sometimes freezes, I don't know why but mostly it crashes as well. 

Personal note from me as a person:

Hey dude, never recorded a game play in your game (sorry). I was busy reconnecting myself personally and mentally. The reason why....well.....  I am getting older which means I'm becoming a collage student soon. Society sucks with its planted  F bomb  in your body. Feeling pressure it might blow up which is failer. If your worried, don't worry my dude. I'm getting better now than ever.  I recovering my crap don't worry.

Any how enough about me, that doesn't mean I can't play your game. So here are some picture that can make you laugh and if not at least make you smile :).I see a lot of improvements you are getting better in your games Kiyo pawn, keep it up dude. When your sad or depress always remember the happy things in life (for me its comedy) or maybe this pictures? Sounds cringe I know but hey why not, like come on. 

My User Name was:


SPAMMING a lot of check point:


Budget Cut Fan Art: (were in a budget ok XD)

The fan art is not the best, but hey its from me :) .

1.) Was the puzzles fair?

They were Very Fair. (good job btw)

2.)Did you ask help from the girls?

Yes, in the 1st floor I was confident that I can do it. But in the Floor 2 girl. I forgot her name but she gave me like 4 codes which was hard. And yes I like the girls.

3.)Were the plot twists good?

YUSH, A big ANIME NANI moment right there hahahahaha. Top 10 anime moments.

4.)Who's best girl?

Not gonna lie ,WAIT..... I'm not good with name's but the girl who told me the manga called DOKUMUSHI XD. The reason why it's because she was interesting and we had a long bound or conversation in the game.

-Any how Kiyopawn, I maybe late playing this game, yet its never too late to play it. Stay strong good luck my dude. (by Bry Chest Afflux)


Hey Dev, I played the game again & hope to see your game in the future. And also hope you enjoy this video (this are jokes ok :D)

Hey there dev, I finally finish the game. Hope you enjoy this last game play of  :). 

ah kk thanks dev.

Here's the video dev to have an idea. Sorry I stop the video too early.

hey dev, I played the game and I press load game. I run to the room and play the tape, when I was going to get out the  key card went missing again. So should I play the game again from the start or nah? 

Hope you enjoy this video dev and stay safe from the corona ok.

Here's the last video about  your game dev & keep it up Mauricio Scherer.

Ur welcome

Hey dev I played your game and I had fun. It's a fine game and well done making it. Any how I hope you enjoy this video & remember this are jokes ok :) .

Ahhh sweeet!! wait new stuff nice ! btw I'm on a break for a horror games in the moment in  the next 2 weeks ok :). I play this when it's over & nice job dev.

hhhhhhmmmmmmm...... OK

Nice, I will try not to record it tho. Because there might be new changes & save jokes . So when the full game releases this will be a funny game play for you dev :) . (keep it up m8 & don't worry I'm here){no-homo XD}.

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Is there english?

BTW should I spoil my self to play or should I wait?

Sweet dev, you need to take a break to rest your mind. Also I can tell you have been sleeping late eh? you been bad boy XD. Any how dev, I be in I'll be in touch and keep it up m8.

Here's some game play dev thanks for the help :)

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Hey dev find the wall (finally XD), I try to get out of the room but my key card went missing?

yess thanks for key hehehe  :) .......

It's fine dev, you still reply so it's fine. Btw so I'll take a picture on the coffin or a entrance walls?

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Hey dev, here's the game play. I will continue the game play I solved the puzzle kk. Hope you will enjoy this video :).

Here's some pics that I take:

Not gana lie I took a picture of your monsters ass ok. I might be the key XD.

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Dev, I have a confession to make....... how can I say this............................

I dumb help me XD! were's the picture to the next level I can't find it :)

(BTW happy new year.)