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all I can say is: holy shit

Nice job ripping off freedoom asshole

bro this shit broke as hell, can't even get passed the loading screen

Oh you have to use my person in the dark fear
but besides that, absolutely dazzling game, hope to see more in the future

You're very much welcome, and yeah I guess not having a light source would take away from the immersion

I have REALLY high hopes for this game, and that doesn't happen as much as I'd want, most indie games are either shit or left behind. This game might be the best playing and best looking game I've seen since p.t. I really really hope this game gets the attention it deserves. One thing I'd recommend is light sources and how they help and hurt the player, kind of like amnesia did with their lanterns. But that's all I have to say but please don't stop working on this, take breaks if you must but to many people depart to quickly.