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Hello, thanks! Due to my lack of time, I don't work on any assets atm.

Did you enjoy playing this mod or maybe not? Share your thoughts here, that's the biggest reward the mod devs can get.

Thank you!

Aiming for 2021.


Hello, these characters were made only for demonstration.

Awesome concept and graphics. Had a lot of fun playing this!

Hi! I am working on my personal project atm, so I don't think any update is coming soon.

wow, good job!

Thanks! 320x180 :)

Thanks for kind words! I will consider your comment for my next asset update :)

Cool thanks! Not sure if I can spam with my every asset though

Forgot to put it on the front page. (There is guide.png in pack with sizes)

Now fixed!


This asset pack includes 5 different animated fire sprites with 5 color variations. Perfect to make bonfire, torches or to set anything on fire in your game!

I've also made start fire animation and end fire animation, so you could use it as you want :)

Get here -

Not sure if posting about assets is allowed, but I've got a mail from itch that I have such opportunity, so why not?

Thanks! I am going to fix it in my next update :)

Thank you <3

Thanks! Already working on the next one :)

Thank you!

Thanks for the advice! I will consider it for my next asset update.

Thanks for kind words! Unfortunately I can't post previews for other animations, but believe me, running is smooth and well done :)

I am working on update for this pack, wall slide and dodge roll are on my list. Also walking, resting and ladder climbing. But with next update the price will increase, so it's better to buy early and get free updates.

Sad! You should contact itch support, I can't control this situation.

Female version is on my mind. I will make it a bit later.

Thanks! Sure, I plan to add more animations in v 0.2. I am working on bigger asset with monsters and environment, so I suppose this pack will get the update with BIG pack release.

Thank you! Do not forget to rate this pack. It is important to me :)

Thanks, mate!

Do you want the moon to be separated?

Thank you! New asset pack coming soon. With characters :)

I will add in my next, better pack! :)

Thanks! I will add player and enemies in my next asset packs.

Thank you. Unfortunately no.

I do not know, I am very bust with contract work atm :(

When I finish all animations :p

Thank you <3

Like almost done. I really trying to make it perfect. 

Still working, it's like 98% done... 

Thank you!

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It's a layered background, you can move those layers as you want. (The sky is separated from the town). Unfortunately, as I told before I do not have enough time to add basement for all those buildings.  So yes, you are right, you can use it only as a view from top. Anyway, it's an asset pack, its point is to test the first mechanincs and I am just trying to keep this process enjoyable. I respect your argument, in my next assets I will try to avoid such things. 

This pack has arches, merlons and columns. The basics to make your level look good. 

Thank you :)

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Greetings, my name is Artem Brullov and I am a professional pixel artist. At the moment I am working on my first asset pack, which is almost done. I wanted to start with something regular and simple. As I did not find any cool medieval castle in the asset shop, I decided to make one. It's inspired by Dark Souls and World of Warcraft. TBH, I'd like to add as much as I could in one pack, but there must be some restrictions to save a good price and efficiency.  In this thread I'd like to get some ideas and feedback. I think pack will have around 300 sprites and tiles, here some wip mock-ups for you to judge:

Approximate release date: 25.06