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Do you want the moon to be separated?

Thank you! New asset pack coming soon. With characters :)

I will add in my next, better pack! :)

Thanks! I will add player and enemies in my next asset packs.

Thank you. Unfortunately no.

I do not know, I am very bust with contract work atm :(

When I finish all animations :p

Thank you <3

Like almost done. I really trying to make it perfect. 

Still working, it's like 98% done... 

Thank you!

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It's a layered background, you can move those layers as you want. (The sky is separated from the town). Unfortunately, as I told before I do not have enough time to add basement for all those buildings.  So yes, you are right, you can use it only as a view from top. Anyway, it's an asset pack, its point is to test the first mechanincs and I am just trying to keep this process enjoyable. I respect your argument, in my next assets I will try to avoid such things. 

This pack has arches, merlons and columns. The basics to make your level look good. 

Thank you :)

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Greetings, my name is Artem Brullov and I am a professional pixel artist. At the moment I am working on my first asset pack, which is almost done. I wanted to start with something regular and simple. As I did not find any cool medieval castle in the asset shop, I decided to make one. It's inspired by Dark Souls and World of Warcraft. TBH, I'd like to add as much as I could in one pack, but there must be some restrictions to save a good price and efficiency.  In this thread I'd like to get some ideas and feedback. I think pack will have around 300 sprites and tiles, here some wip mock-ups for you to judge:

Approximate release date: 25.06