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AYYY lets goooo!!!!! youre the first i know of to beat it bruh

making it webgl/multiplayer

thanks yo!

haha thank u! join my dev streams and u could be in them 👀 some of twitch chat is in there harmonizing lol

haha yeah i cant wait to update! thank you your game was great as well!

thank you!

i mean the room was pretty chaotic! haha very on theme and well done!

thanks yo! yours was very cool too 

i actually liked the graphics and the particle effects were also very cool! nice work!

i mean wow! the movement felt great, the particle fx were perfect and the sound was very well done.. im gonna keep trying to get on theat leaderboard but dang those scores are high!

i agree and thank you! yes i will make some changes and update the game as soon as i can

thank you! yes i need to make some changes and I cant wait to update. your game was very cool too!

graphics, ui and movement very clean and smooth I like it! 

very cool! i like the music and the tutorial was very informative.. the brackeys office looks a little different than i thought lol!

very dope i love the colors! the ui was clean as well. level design was very clean and wll done as well! would love/appreciate a rating on my game if you could!

very hard! its tough but it was quick to reset so i liked that! a heavy metal background song would have complimented it well for sure too! 

yo to be real i would really appreciate a rating on my game as well!

bro! pretty chill not gonna lie.. i think maybe having a return to menu button would be cool too! 

and yo to be real i would really appreciate a rating on my game if u have the time thanks!

yooo! the sounds... the graphics... the physics. I messed with it heavy! i would have loved if i could change the keybinds to like the arrow keys or something haha but other than that very cool! thanks for rating my game!

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THANK YOU! yes i agree there is so much i have updated since the jam deadline haha so i cant wait to update! gonna play your game now!

loved the cloth physics it was so cool and them music was dope!

and yo to be real i would really appreciate a rating on my game :D!

very cool the attention to detail, the movement and writing for andrew and the characters was a great touch!

and yo to be real i would really appreciate a rating!

yo i actually liked this game like its well done other than like maybe some ui enhancements it was really on theme.... and u made the music which is sick! 

and yo to be real i would really appreciate a rating!

bro the audio, the graphics!!! the ui also very clean it was all so good idk what else to say.. the movement was a lil bit hard to master though.... other than that, very cool!

bruh... the lighting, the subtle audio, the ui.. very cooool! the mouse sense could have been a il more forgiving but other than that i think we have a winner!!!!

i mean hey... that beat.. the lights... the inverted controls... what else could somebody want? the perfect game imo!  you won the jam bro... gg

wow i mean just wow.... i cant think of a more supreme concept than clicking gombas.. you win.. game jam over bro. congrats!

not bad yo! the theme could have been a little more of a focus but none the less it was great! great audio too!

ive... ive never wielded so much.. so much power.... and i kind of... i kind of likes it.... I LIKES IT ALOT MUAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAA

very fun but it felt like i couldnt lose haha worked very well for a browser game i liked the audio switch up a lot as well very cool!

yeah i agree and made some changes cnat wait to update. Thank you for rating my game SDG!!

yeah i agree ive made a few updates cant wait to add them in when we are allowed again haha thank you for rating!!

it was fun but just a little to tough for me to beat all of them but some audio and some subtle animation could have made it great! overall good!

cool menu ui and subtle animations during gameplay! maybe move the list top middle so i can see everything better. overall pretty good!

i mean... needed more direction maybe? i felt lost and confused.. which i guess is kinda on theme lol. auditory cues would have been a nice touch to help direct the player

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haha dude very cool! i loved the breaking the 4th wall aspect!

haha that's what i was going for

lol thanks yo

THANKS!! yeah i have a lot of updates to make xD pro tip if u just run to the end you get to a place where the boss can no longer follow you lol

haha made the music on stream with chat.. in case you would want to be in the next lobby music..... 👀 and thank you!

thanks guys enjoyed the reactions from y'all haha