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The game idea and gameplay is so simple, yet its so well executed, that i cant stop playing.

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That is, if i figure out where the vote tab is... :|

found it.......


im dumb.

Im Def Voting for this one as winner :D

Awesome Job Manu!

wow that was really cool

Ok Thanks :D

what did you use to create this? (like game engine or whatever)

This is super cool!

these sound like the sounds from fighties!

Cool! :D

This was amazing. i love the portals.

ok, phew. lol

may i use the character i made in my games?

Epic! another amazing game, from an amazing dev!

everything celestclassic was! BUT MORE!

EpiC! i wish i was that talented :|... 

what game engine did you use for this.... AMAZING game? please and thank you! -Broskibble

i meant lol no kidding. r u stupid?

crazy to think this was made in 3 days :)

i meant liek no kidding. :|

couple questions... 

1. what game engine?

2. how did you do this.

3. how can i do this movement system turn based system, fire emblem type rpg thing?

lol no kid.


WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO im joining this AMAZING persons gamejam :)


what program did you use to create this? Rpg Paper Maker?

ok! :D

great game man! cant wait for another from you!

thank you!

did you write this is 6502 assembly from scratch? if not what tool/framework did you use?

what framework did you use to create a nes game? did you write it in 6502 assembly from scratch? or did you do something like.... pyNES

ok.... beware... of the mad snowman...

i agree and would like to know...

i lovwe this game'

well... i gotta say, this deffinetely is not date night (Windows).zip


Nice!! i love it!!


Mini Jam 50: Islands community · Created a new topic robots

robots go on an adventure or somthing