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This is such a weird concept for a fan game but is executed so well, great job!

Thanks to SCIENCE! :D

I love this asset pack so much! I love all of the music. I love the beginning of prepare for battle as it reminds me of shovel knight. Even if I'm not using this for a game, I still listen to the music as a background music. This soundtrack actually inspired me to make a Zelda inspired top-down game as well! You are very talented and I encourage you to keep doing what you do :D

Many people agree, they all say about gow the big background stars cover up enemy bullets and I totally agree, otherwise, Thanks!


I liked it! i love the rigidmovement and the rolling of the ball, the sfx are simple but a nice touch. i liked the art! good job.

I liked it! i felt like a lot of times i was just waiting for what i needed to spawn, and sometimes the sprites were unclear because some of them look really similar, other then that i liked it! good job :D

I love the sprite for the player and its animation fits so well. other then that was mostly bland, i liked the gameplay but it had no difficultly ramp. overall good job!

I may have just fixed it, not sure.

hm, not sure about the bug. and yeah, the stars.

I agree with those points, the boss was underwhelming as i had barely anytime to finish, i wanted to have them shoot enemies as well. the stars once again were distracting and i think i shouldve made them smaller orbblend in more with the back ground. glad you liked the game!

Ig yeah space invaders, I do also think the starts are a bit offputting, i think i shouldve made the big ones a tiny bit smaller

the audio and art is not done by me, but i agree its amazing. i agree with the enemy projectiles are hard to see and i do feel like i shouldve sped up the ship as well, thanks!


cool! did you beat the siamese cats after?

Thanks! about the bug, I actually found it and left it in (as it doesn't actually effect the gameplay) and thought it was funny that you can fly.

Thank you! :DDD

Haha thats true, but i did want a browser available version. guess its too late now, I’ll add one when i get the chance, Thanks!

Thanks, I really appreciate it! I sorta crammed the story in there, but it does work. Thank you for the feedback!

I wanted it to feel as retro os possible, so decided for the old 4:3 aspect ratio. Thanks for all the feedback!

Yeah, unfortunately I couldn't get the resolution to be smaller.. I had no idea how to fix the endless attack loop, and the amazing art was not made my me (rip). and after you beat the siamese cats at the end, it is in fact the end :D.

This game was amazing! i love the jumping with wall bouncing, and the great story in the background. Amazing job.

On the second level, i had 0.33s to spare!

He just made a crappy game and entered it into a ton of jams so people can see it.

Thanks! the game is in a 4:3 ratio, meaning it doesn't cover the full screen. and there is no health indicators :D

Is there any possible way for you to make an attack animation? or will i have to wing it by myself?

How can i cut these into sprites? i cannot find an even way. im using unity btw. please and thankyou! :D

Thank you! some more art variation would be nice, but i wanted to work on the programming. Blue made thr amazing music & sounds, they really fit the game perfectly.

Thank you for all of the feedback! the sprite flicker is due to pixel snapping

Thank you!

Thanks! Blue.nocturne did an INCREDIBLE job on the music, and swinging is very fun! The game seems to be difficult for many people, so you're not alone!

Great game! felt like there was a wait between turns, and I was confused at how to play at first, but really like the mechanics! having to surface to obtain more air also makes it 20x better as you can find your enemy's position. this would be an awesome 2 player game.

Nice i remember you as well! Thanks for the comment. Your game seems cool as well! :D

Thanks so much! :D the physics took a while to get right.

Thanks for playing! cool vod :D

Thanks! the resolution does make it smaller, and the stuttering is also due to that.

Thank you.

Yeah, if I ever improve this game, I think i wanna change the player collider to a square. your game was amazing as well!

Super thanks! Blue.Nocturne made the incredible music. Eventually i will deffinitely update and polish this game! Ill ask blue to make some more music!

Yeah! it took me forever to beat!