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Almost Bedtime Theater

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My daughter, niece, and I have a podcast about playing roleplaying games with kids: Almost Bedtime Theater.  If you are interested in a review and actual play of the Skellian adventure, you can hear us go through it in Episode 17 via the link below.  The short version is that we had a great time! As the person running the game, I particularly enjoyed the fun NPCs, the concisely presented encounters, and how easy it was to scale from a larger complicated scenario to a simpler one.  

I ran Under the Floorboards multiple times for my wife and my 9-year-old, and we even managed running it with my grandmother joining us via video call.  We had a wonderful time!  If you are interested, you can hear our review and one of our playthroughs here:

And if anyone is interested in listening to our session, it's now available via the Almost Bedtime Theater podcast as Episode 15!

Not only is the concept of Stacks of Goblins a delight, but the ideas from the prompt tables are excellent and the mechanics encourage chaos.  I played this with an 11-year-old and a teen and we had a grand time!  I especially want to mention that having the ability to switch in and out of the story teller role is a great way to give players who might be curious about what it’s like to run an RPG a place to test the waters.  Thank you for creating this!