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Thanks for playing, and I'm delighted to hear you are enjoying it! When it comes to the map, the only bit that can impact the game is the suit of the card that represents the area you are currently in. Aside from that, the map is just a (hopefully) fun exercise, so you can place cards however you want.

I like to place the cards so that just the corners overlap because it gives me the space to put sketches on them, like in the image below.  I’ve also seen folks:

  • Place the cards edge-to-edge, letting them overlap wholly when necessary and blaming the chaos that comes from that on the shifting of the Library.
  • Ignore the card placement rules and just create a “Library area” pile with the current area at the top so they know the suit if there is a Complication to deal with.

Thank you! I'm delighted to hear you enjoyed it!

Howdy!  I’ve been bouncing an idea around for a bit but yesterday it got totally steam-rolled by a completely different one. 😅 Tonight is going to be devoted to figuring out the basics of “Ghost + Human.” About all I know at the moment is that the Ghost game mechanic replaces Coyote’s Hunting with Haunting and they have difficulty communicating with the Human…

You’re welcome!

I hope you have a wonderful time with the kobold cave art! :)

You are most welcome, and this is exactly the kind of reason for which the library and education copies exist! Best of luck with your game library, and if you are not already familiar with, I highly recommend checking them out. Among all their other great contact, they have lists of free RPGs and journaling games.

These are great! I especially love the fur stuck to the double-sided tape.

You’re welcome, and thank you for being a teacher!

You’re welcome! I hope they enjoy it. :)

Thank you! It's been great getting to add to the Library; I'm looking forward to building it out more in the future.

Congrats on continuing to grow as a game designer! I'm just now starting to look at a similar shift from Canva to Affinity...

Sure! Can you reach out to me at AlmostBedtimeTheater (at) so I can message you some info?

You’re welcome! I’d love to hear how it turns out, and if there is any additional content I could provide to help that project go more smoothly, please let me know.

Thank you for playing! Flavoring the game with Warhammer 40k worked really well; that was a great idea. Thank you also for mentioning the benefits of a booklet layout for online play. I’ll take a crack at putting one together as an additional format.

Hi Mark – I’m delighted to hear you are enjoying the game! You are correct that my default answers would be “make it anything you want” and “if you are having fun, you are playing it right.” That said, I’m happy to offer some insight into how I might play it.

First, I love the idea that the main character could end up seeking clues in the waking world. I hadn’t thought of that when crafting the game but I am absolutely in favor of it.

As for skill use, my thought was that there would often be instances where either skill could be used and it would depend on the approach the player wanted to attempt. For example, say there is a dream-being who isn’t telling me the whole truth. If I decide I want to interrogate them, I’d use Detective. Alternately, if I decide to intimidate them through a display of dream power then I’d use Dreamweaver.  As a second example, let’s say I’m trying to figure out the path the suspect used to slip from one dream to the next. I might use Detective to investigate the scene for clues or Dreamweaver to rewind the dream and watch the shadow form of the perpetrator as they escape.

I hope that helps. Please let me know if you have any additional questions!

- Dan

That's so great to hear. Thank you for letting me know!

My daughter and I have a podcast about playing roleplaying games with kids: Almost Bedtime Theater.  If you are interested in a review and a short actual play of the Dragon Dowser, you can hear us go through it in Episode 19.  Even though the game is designed for solo play, it worked out great as a collaborative story game for the two of us!

Thank you so much for creating the game jam that inspired it!

You're welcome and thank *you* for all you do as a librarian! I've got my fingers crossed that you get to share it with your summer writing group. If any of them get inspired to write their own game of this sort, I can heartily recommend the Firelights Creator Kit. The license on this game is such that they are welcome to grab whatever they want from it as well!

Thank you! The creation of this game was a series of delightful discoveries, not the least of which was the sudden realization about how to present the character sheet. :)

This is one of the few GMing tools I keep on hand as a physical document when I'm running games.  The character descriptions are delightfully evocative and it's so easy to glance through, find one, and toss that NPC out into the world.  Nicely done!

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Oh no! Can you please reach out to me at almostbedtimetheater (at) with the code you received?

You are very welcome! Libraries have been a constant presence in my life, and I owe a lot to the folks who make them possible. Thank you for being a librarian!

It's awesome to find out folks are enjoying the game. Thank you for letting me know and for the suggestion of letting the Librarian's apprentice and their familiar spend time in our own libraries!

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Additional keys for claiming The Fae Team at Role are now available.  Thank you for your patience!

That’s great to hear! Thank you very much for the feedback.

This is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing it.  It’s wonderful to hear you are enjoying the game!

Thank you so much for the review!

This was such a fun experience! Working through the list of proposed pieces was like getting to try out a hand-picked chocolate sampler.  The process not only introduced me to new artists to enjoy, it also helped me better understand musically what I was looking for in the soundtrack for my TTRPG, both in terms of what I didn't want and what I didn't realize I wanted.

Blinking Birch games is friendly and knowledgeable. I highly recommend their work and will not hesitate to commission them again.

My daughter, niece, and I have a podcast about playing roleplaying games with kids: Almost Bedtime Theater.  If you are interested in a review and actual play of the Skellian adventure, you can hear us go through it in Episode 17 via the link below.  The short version is that we had a great time! As the person running the game, I particularly enjoyed the fun NPCs, the concisely presented encounters, and how easy it was to scale from a larger complicated scenario to a simpler one.  

I ran Under the Floorboards multiple times for my wife and my 9-year-old, and we even managed running it with my grandmother joining us via video call.  We had a wonderful time!  If you are interested, you can hear our review and one of our playthroughs here:

And if anyone is interested in listening to our session, it's now available via the Almost Bedtime Theater podcast as Episode 15!

Not only is the concept of Stacks of Goblins a delight, but the ideas from the prompt tables are excellent and the mechanics encourage chaos.  I played this with an 11-year-old and a teen and we had a grand time!  I especially want to mention that having the ability to switch in and out of the story teller role is a great way to give players who might be curious about what it’s like to run an RPG a place to test the waters.  Thank you for creating this!