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This is amazing! I had a lot of fun, would like to see  more of it if it happens. Do you plan on continuing development?

I can already see the car drifting, fun game, keep going!

A lot of fun, great concept!

Very cool concept, did you think about working on it further?

It's very challenging, the kind of game I could lose hours to, very nice!

Thanks for the kind words! Yes definitely agree that the camera should be fixed because it’s hardly playable when moving up or down, you just run into a roboter without warning. Yes, the sound button mysteriously stopped working when we uploaded it. Thanks for playing it and the feeback :)

It was a really hard game, I died a lot haha, I like that even tough they're neutralized you still can die because of their shield so the challenge is divided into two: neutralizing them and saving the passengers.

Well maybe it was only a challenge to me...

Cool concept! Like the mix of only one bullet that is your weapon and a hindrance at the same time, and the swinging mechanic. A bit of polishing and you'll have an addictive game!

This is awesome! Enjoyed it a lot! Definitely needs a replay button :D

Very fun had to change the way I think about platforms and avoid things you usually do when platforming!

Like the idea that you always move away from what you're shooting at which means you always move towards potential danger, very interestin!

This is a fun game! Loved the parts where you need to keep the ball going was, it was really challenging.

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Very interesting, especially liked the free fall level. Also, I am much worse at predicting where I'll be than expected. Thanks for letting me learn something about myself. (Btw, cool logo for the game)

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This is really good design, I really had a fun time balancing offense and dodging their attacks, well done! And the sounds are juicy

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Great controls, super tight! Enjoyed myself a lot, thanks.

Will do! 

Here's ours:

But I'll comment on your game once it's played and rated!

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Very interesting and intriguing do you plan on continuing its development?

Hey, thanks for being so passionate about helping out those with fewer ratings!

Here's our game:

It's a very cool game idea! Are you planning on further working on it?

Very cool idea for it to be only one character in an RPG. Nicely done!

Thank you for playing it, I am glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you very much for playing it and for the question as well!

Initially we decided on no, but I've been thinking about it more and more. Mainly, to go through that process at least once while we have the chance. Through the process of making, releasing, and incorporating feedback that is.

If we polish it, we'll surley post about it. So, if you're interested, you can follow us on twitter @BromberryG :)

Yes, definitely thought that would be a good idea, can be very frustrating when running from robots only to run into one because you didn't see the other. Thanks for playing our game and for your feedback, we'll be sure to play and rate yours!

Yeah, feel you totally we wanted to add some abilities which you can use once until you pick up the axe again, but didn't make it in time either. However, maybe it would have been to cluttered and off theme then...

Where can we follow you for updates on the game?

He was raised by humans who were in the circus and who threw axes very accurately, and as they say: "Monkey see, monkey do." (I'm just kidding, that's a normal guy with goggles and jacket and stuff, but it's hard to see haha) Thanks for playing it and for the feedback! :)

Thanks a lot for playing it :)

This really is an awesome game, agree with everyone else! Simple but immensly fun!

Fun game! Played and rated :)

Here's ours:

Haha yes The Nush already commented and we checked it out and rated it, all I can say is: You've had a great idea! :D

We'll follow you as soon as we make an instagram account!

Very fun game! The sound effects make it addictive especially a bit later on when a lot of enemies spawn. Well done!

Cool game, very interesting, from the comments I've read you're planning on working on it further? Where can I follow you to keep up with it, I'm really interested :)

Wow, thanks a lot for the recommendation, haven't heard of this book before and it sounds really interesting. Also, thanks for the feedback and playing our game at all!

I came back to the campsite safely... or so it seems. It is an amazing game, which will be recommended heavily!

Haha yes! Thought the same thing while makig it, thanks a lot for playing it!

Awesome game, amazing level design!

Thank you very much for the feedback! We appreciate you playing our game :)

Haha that's hilarious! And incredible! Do you have twitter so we can follow you?