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"You must make all assets and code yourself or by your team within the time frame of this jam." So I believe reusing code is against the rules.

Thanks a lot! I'm glad you enjoyed it

Yeah theres a few bugs that i think come from how I've used the Unity physics engine poorly. I'm planning to rewrite the code to use raycasts instead so im hoping that will sort out those bugs. Thanks for your feedback!

No, I hadn't seen that game before. Just checked it out and its really fun to play although frustrating at times lmao

oh right yeah thats a good idea, I'll have a think on how i could implement that.

Thank you for playing my game! What do you mean by using a counter to make the game harder? That sounds interesting

I'm really glad you enjoyed it. I wanted to make it quite difficult and still feel like the difficulty curve needs some work. Thank you for your feedback I really appreciate it!

Thanks a lot!

This is a really fun game, the mechanic is simple yet really enjoyable. On some of the levels the asteroid wasnt flying to my cursor and rather curved weirdly depending on how the planet was rotated. Other than that, i love the art and the sound effects! And the overall polish you achieved was unbelievable give the lenght of the jam! Brilliant job!

I really enjoyed this game, the faux gravity of the planets felt very predictable which was great and let me use the gravity of planets to curve the moon  object. I was able to fire the moon when it wasn't in orbit, im not sure if this is intended or not, but it felt sort of cheaty. Overall this is a really fun, good job!

I really liked this platformer, the movement was quite smooth and the design of the levels were nice. However its quite hard to jump off the corner of a platform and so felt frustrating when i got caught that way. I would suggest looking at the video i linked it really helped me improve my platformer movement. That aside i think you have created quite a unique game and i really liked the stealth/ platform combination. Keep it up!

The music is great and the movement is very fluid and predicable which is great! I really like the variation in the enemies ai, it helped the game to feel exciting throughout. The only thing i missed in this game were "pickups" for example invulnerability or extra health (i found myself dying early often so i think extra health is essential in this game). But overall, the game was very fun, well done!

I love the idea of this game, however when i press f to build a bridge no menu pops up and i cant do anything. Id love to play this game more but it just need a little more polish. With that being said, completing a game in two weeks is very hard so you shouldnt be discouraged, I'll look forward to playing your games in future game jams!

Thanks for your feedback, I agree the hard levels really need checkpoints. I'll definitely need to revisit the art work too so thanks for the advice. I'm glad you enjoyed the game!

Thanks for your feedback, I agree the music is very repetitive its something I need to work on. Thanks a lot!

thanks very much!

thanks for your feedback, i agree guessing where you land when you first start playing is very hard so i really like that idea thank you!

I loved how there were loads of topics for conversation, also the art is great well done!

thanks a lot!

wow thats awesome to hear :) im really glad you enjoy the game! i thought id stop on this game but this comment has motivated me to continue working on this one.

thanks for your feedback, thats definitely on the todo list!

thank you!

thanks so much for the feedback ill try those fixes you suggested thank you so much. I used a free daw called bosca ceoil. brackeys has a nice video explaining it.

thats great! ill be sure to check out your other game when i get home today :)

thank you, I really appreciate the feedback!

Thanks for your feedback! I'd love to make the difficulty increase more slowly but id need to make more levels for that, also great idea for the sound effects ill look into that

Yeah good spot! The chords are the same but I changed up the melody a bit.

This video really helped me maybe you could take something from it. (Your platformer doesn't suck btw lol)

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I think anrygsmile said it was possible to submit late? See if you can get in contact with them and they might be able to let you submit anyway.

This a great start and I really like the idea but there were a few problems I found. The colliders on the movable boxed are wierd and can sometimes be pushe through walls. The movement is very slippery and should feel more snappy in my opinion. And the jump felt unresponsive at time (wouldn't jump near the corners of platforms). Also I would realy like only 1 key to toggle which player im using insead of 2. Overall though, I enjoyed the game and with a couple of changes I think it could be really great!

The polish on this game is really great, good job! A small problem for me is that I'd expect the "a" key and the "d" key to be reversed, since we mostly hit the planet from the bottom it makes more sense for them to be mapped like that. Other than that, the game was really enjoyable, keep it up!

Thank you very much for your comment!

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This is stunning! Your pixel art is beautiful and really makes a great atmosphere for your game. I particularly like those animations after the level is completed.

My only criticism is that I found myself falling a lot by bumping my head when climbing up. Perhaps you could consider moving the camera down so we can see more of whats important.

Other than that, brilliant job please keep it up!

Reading back I sound quite negative, just to clarify I did enjoy the game a lot lol

Well done on making a game!

I really liked the story and the opening scene was very well put together. However, the character felt "heavy" (if that makes sense). Also, the controls were difficult to use; I'd consider reallocating the keys. 

The amount of content you put into this game in a short period of time is really impressive. I really enjoyed how the cave got darker the further you went through. I felt that the monsters were very hard to avoid. The biggest difficulty I had with the game is that I ran out off o2 and the player just laid there (I closed the game after that because i didn't know how to continue).

With all that being said, overall the game is very impressive and with a bit more time spent on it I think it could be awesome! 

Contratulations on making a game!

I the idea of a maze seems really fun. However, as it stands it's all down to luck. It would be cool if there was some logic behind the paths you choose. Maybe instead of taking you back to the start a dead end could start a different story branch?

That aside, I thought the scene transitions were really good and the typing text effect was well done also! 

This is a great start to a game which has some potential- well done!

A platformer where you control squash: a slime searching for a new home.