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I havent tested it yet but does this work on the oculus quest as well or is primarily for wired headsets?


screen is black when it starts up for me, music is nice tho

I KNOW! I am super excited and super amazed at what is in here. it looks and feels amazing! Great job! Do you plan on making any updates on this at all (just wondering)

OH AWESOME, you guy are super amazing, i look forward to enjoying your hard work!

so not that i know how ANYTHING works, but simply for the sake of questioning, is there any possible chance this might be formatted and adjusted for quest? if not total understandable just wondering. thanks, looks great!

That's what I thought would happen, I think there might be a bug then? I pressed the run card (by accident XD) and i ended up in a corner where I was pinned. It did no damage but I was still able to attack it and kill it to the next wave. Unsure if that was meant to be or not.

I liked how the game looked but maybe a feature to slow time down bc its a little fast paced XD

I liked the game but the hitboxes were a little off, and the boss kinda messed with me so i thought i had to run from it for a certain amount of time

I like how the game looked, feeled, and how the game play was! Overall a good game! Although i think the melee combat and the blocking could be improved bc blocking was essentially didnt exist but the choices of how the game actually worked was a nice idea!

I really liked the particle systems and the detail for the explosions. game felt really smooth.

Is everyone gonna a vote at the last minute or is nobody voting 😂, or am I just blind.

Hello, remember this is a very early idea without much polish as an entry for a gamejam (so not much time either) if you think I did good and your feeling generous feel free to donate so I can make more games with better polish and more investment.

well it was kinda hard to see where to go at first, since the door on the far wall is difficult to see, and i assume there is some way to get away from the shadow people (enemies of the game) without only running (maybe from the looks of the screenshots?) but i am unable to understand how

Surprisingly heart racing at some points, a little more explanation would have been appreciated but since this was released only a few days after the jam started i'm impressed good job!

Thanks buddy

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Very Very early demo is released of my game idea. This is my 2nd indie game that i've published and made alone, please play and give feedback if possible. Thank you!

This is one of the best i've seen so far, great job

nice, what software did you use?


Thanks for all the great comments! This was our first game jam and we hope to do more in the future! You've all helped us so much by giving us feed back and what we need to fix. Thanks for Playing! You can find more updates on our twitter account @RGBgamedev 

cool game, but i was wondering what it has to do with dungeons?

Awesome! Thanks for playing! I'll be sure to watch your video.

I am loving the grapics

lol, thanks. I personally like the skeleton too, soon there will be more enemies *cough*goblin*cough* whoopse. sorry. But no, the treasure chest cant be opened as of now, but it will be soon, when i have the inventory system working :)

I like how the game felt, although, it was kinda hard to see the traps when i fell of taller cliffs, but i'd be ok with that if there was an automatic restart kind of thing when you died. overall a pretty good game!

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12/10 best game so far. loved the hand drawn fast art. Gave me a new look on how to make 2d games :D thanks

[EDIT] I think i broke it. In the level of the guy you have to get the eggs for you can go past the locked part and go onto the walls.

I loved the sound effects

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special character hmmmm? That gave me an idea :D thanks. Thanks for playing, also, yea the attack is kinda weird bc, the animation moves the player as a hole, not just the arm, im gonna fix that.

thanks for replying! What you said sounds great. Well be happy to add some of not all of those features. Bc that is about the idea of what I had planned for it originally.

(hopefully i remember my german, if not i feel like a total try hard XD) Herzlich Willkommen

np, also the animations were really cool, it really stood out from the other games.

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This is very nice. Love the music

This is VERY nice, i love the character models

Very interesting art style. I like it. But would be helpful if 1. I died when my health reached 0 XD. and 2, how to play the game :)