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Hi, before i play, can people that have played rate how scary this game is on a scale of 1-10? I'm a bit sensitive and I got this is a pack from Valentines Day, so I don't want to not play it.

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I love this game series so much! And- wait...Ginger reminds me of someone... is that the dog that was gutted on the toilet?

theres only one ending when you dont die. you just made him really happy

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This game was really hard, but I enjoyed it! I had to read the walkthrough haha

Also dang 1k students?! That's a huge school lmao

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Man, I'm always up for violence. Wait, and animals?! This is perfect in every way omg! I always feel so... intrigued by pastel gore. It gives it a cutesy-creepy vibe. I love this game, and the art is great!!! As of leaving this comment, I haven't started, but it looks amazing!!

Edit: I just finished the game! Its so friggin cute!!

Its so short and cute! Space Frog is so sweet. I adore every single one of your games :)

I found the folder when messing with computer narration. Thanks for the help :)

I almost cried at the end :'( Such a cute game though

So cute aaaaaaa

Any game with cats is good, and any game with gay is good. This has both. 


Awwthank you! I had lots of fun playing this game :3



The game is so cute and wholesome, and Pepper is a total tsundere uwu

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This is such a cute game!! Love the canon LGBTQ+. Mell and Issa are so fuckin gay and I love it.

I got the True, Good, and Normal ending, in that order.

There's no Appdata folder. Could it be because I'm on a school computer or something?

This so cute! Syrup looks just like that mink girl from BNA ngl

This game astonished me!! When Valentine got mad and opened those tabs and logged me out, it gave me a good scare! Honestly all of Valentine gave me a good scare and how she referred to me by my username.

May I ask how you did stuff like that? I'd love to do stuff like that, considering I'm planning a horror game in the same program. (Ren'Py)

It's a bit scary? I wouldn't call it horror but I would call it unsettling. Some of the videos it brought me to were restricted though, so there might be a bit of gore. There is death, suicide, and dark themes.

Never read the comic, but this is really good! I've never seen a looking mechanic in RenPy before. Never would've seen the twist coming.

omg Bean is so cute!! (10/10 name btw) I love the uwu speech. The first bit gave off this energy


This game is so fuckin' cute! I didn't expect the ending at all, and any cat game is a good game. Kudos :)

How'd you reset the game?

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someone please help!!

I'm trying to replay the game, but it won't work!!! I've searched for an answer, done what everyone says, and even deleted every trace of the game, but it WON'T RESET!!! There's no Appdata folder, no RenPy file, none of that. 

Please help! I'm on Windows.

Edit: I finally found the Roaming folder! (and not intentionally, funny enough)