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Coulda sworn I released it on in Feb 2018 right when it was created ~shrug~ aligns with my values in a cute way that other platforms sadly don't

Me neither! I call 'em bloop

You did it! Nice job!

Haha hail there traveler!

Please keep us updated Isaac. The suspense is killing us

Thank you! It's a great idea, I wish I had thought to make a sandbox version cuz the web-building is what everyone enjoys most. Oh well -_-

I don't have any plans to pick up development on 8 Legs to Love again but I'll keep these lessons in mind for my future games!

Thanks yo!

Aww thanks for playing my lil spider game!

I'm proud of you ;)

Yes you can I believe in you!

Hehe thanks friend!

This is a stellar little thing and a very sick hat!

If you beat normal mode you'll be able to access hard mode from the main menu by pressing the LEFT arrow key

Augh I love it  T_T  thank you kindly! I just call em Bloop

You cannot tell us about your beautiful fanart and not post a link!

Aww hell yeah it's just like that one movie! Hackers, I think it was...

Fun, cute, easy to pick up. Got soft-locked in the level with all the beds but maybe I'm just not enough of a true gamer to make it through.

Great work! 

It's a common speedrunning glitch that can be performed without tampering with the game:

Thanks kid

Thank you for playing mikey noodles! You're a very good spider

There there

I don't have plans to make a downloadable version, but you can always purchase PICO-8 and play it on that


Please be more careful next time ty
It's not a toy

I think you can give yourself a gold for that one ;)

One of mine is going backwards through the game from finish to start, but not sure if that's possible with any other restrictions

Tell me about it :/

I was worried this might happen

This was a really charming way to speak some truth about a really dumb sport. Thank you for making this. There's some real craft in it

Yup they did, and sadly true of many, many other sites. But I appreciate you letting me know <3

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Coolmath games and armor games are the two places that properly licensed Just One Boss on their sites. Can't say the same for the 50+ other webgaming sites though...

Thank you for looking out for this, I do appreciate it

You're right what was I thinking AAAAAAHHH

I never thought I'd see sub 1m30s. Quadruple damage glitch ~with~ the skip bunnies glitch no less. Congratulations friend, you really REALLY did it!

I believe in you

I've got no plans to create a downloadable version, but if you were to download PICO-8 that'd allow you to play Just One Boss outside of a web browser (though that costs $14.99)


This you?

The aesthetic is really really superb. Very clean, very well designed, love it!

This is a very lovely little deckbuilder! The fact that some cards are meant to be bought while others represent enemies that you have to defeat is a really cute bit of design. Nice work!

Coolmath is one of the few sites that properly licensed the game to appear on their site, but thank you for looking out!

Some day, friend ;)