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I am a fat $6 richer thanks to some lovely lovely supporters!

But to clarify, I made a point of not charging any money for this game. I'll probably try monetizing some future game I create, but I wanted this one to be accessible to all y'all good peeps.

Of course! This game was released under a Creative Commons license, so you can absolutely use this music for non-commercial purposes provided you give proper attribution.


I don't have any other music, however. This is in fact the first game I've ever composed music for.

I believe in you: https://www.speedrun.com/Just_One_Boss

I think there's a lot of design space that can be explored with this set of mechanics, and another boss could totally be feasible (in a separate cart, since this one maxed out the PICO-8's capabilities). But I'm probably not going to be the one to do that. I have every intention of making more boss fights (I think boss fights are a beautiful game design challenge) but they won't use this set of base mechanics or be in this "world".

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You could always play my other game, Juggle Panic: https://bridgs.itch.io/juggle-panic

Cuz lemme tell you, after showcasing that game for four hours, that music will plague your immortal soul for eternity.

Yup! This is a PICO-8 game, which is a lovely platform for making small games full of pixely goodness.

Thanks! It took me three months from very beginning to very end, which included all of the game design / asset creation / programming as well as spending two weeks learning enough music theory to be able to write music.

My browser's getting a 403 on static/js/main.3c5c7c17.css  and static/js/main.9ea822ac.js

Grab a friend and check out my latest PICO-8 game, Juggle Panic!


That crouching long jump feels REAL good. Great job on the game!

Thank you @leafo, and lovely to meet you!

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About a week ago I finished my latest PICO-8 game, Just One Boss! Play it in yo browser at https://bridgs.itch.io/just-one-boss