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The aesthetic is really really superb. Very clean, very well designed, love it!

This is a very lovely little deckbuilder! The fact that some cards are meant to be bought while others represent enemies that you have to defeat is a really cute bit of design. Nice work!

Coolmath is one of the few sites that properly licensed the game to appear on their site, but thank you for looking out!

Some day, friend ;)

I also wish I could be a spider all day <3

Thanks dr!ppy!

Thanks buddy

Thanks buddy

No! Just one.

These are beautiful perfect webs and any spider would be lucky to have them <3 <3 <3

Hard Mode unlocked!

The NPC gets a little bit tougher the closer you are to winning.

Very lovely. The art style is so wonderfully delicate, and the dialog choices felt like they really allowed me to explore. Thank you for making this!

Aww I love Orisinal! I'd love to make a mobile version, but I'm afraid it's a bit too much time to be worth the effort. Thank you so much for playing though!

God, that's really awful. Thank you for sharing this Juno. Having this experience wrapped up in a game is a good tool for showcasing the shit trans folx have to deal with.

Fan of the color scheme and sprite work! It all reads really well and cleanly, especially the blinking screen transition areas.

This is really lovely and wonderful, thank you for making it!

That's awesome! Let me know how it goes and if I can help, PICO-8's a lovely tool for getting into game development.

Haha I think gamepads are not supported in the web viewer. I believe if you had PICO-8 installed, you'd be able to run it from within that and then there'd be full gamepad support.

You have my permission to make a remix, so long there's proper attribution!

That's so amazing! Really really though, that is quite the feat, truly insane and awesome. I'm pretty sure I've never come close to doing that.

Just for you:

I composed the music and don't exactly have a name in mind for it... maybe Just One Song?

Aww you ARE the most ingenious spider! Your videos are great, love the commentary, and thanks so much for playing!  I really enjoy watching videos like this :)

Hehe Wizmirror, I like that!

The game was made in PICO-8. It's a great engine to get started in game development, and if you're interested I'm working on a tutorial series to help people learn PICO-8. The music was created in the chiptune editor that comes with PICO-8, which I found to be pretty accessible! You can even download Just One Boss and export the music to a .wav file really easily.

I love boss fights and I have a dream of making a full boss rush at some point in my life, but it probably won't be with this set of mechanics (though I do think these mechanics have a lot of interesting design space to offer).

Thanks for playing :)

I take tips through my Ko-fi page:

There there, you were the very best spider I've ever seen!

Aww that's so heart-warming! Augh I'd love to see see it in an arcade machine, and I'd love to add a creative mode so folx can just zen out and build a web stress-free.

Thank you for playing!

Ahhh look at all those bosses! I like Bumblebirb especially.. I loved the time I spent with Terraria so it's really cool to see that folx are still modding, improving, and adding to the game!

Lovely to hear from another boss designer :)

AwwwwWWW I love it! Where can I find your mod? I'd love to play!

Thanks for letting me know. I contacted the author a couple days ago, but ultimately I'm comfortable with the existence of this game. Just One Boss is released un a creative commons license, so it's free game if people want to remake or riff on it.

It's true! It's a real shame I have to pick up the slack of our shoddy school systems.

Hehe very cute montage!

Lovely slimey concept! Love the bounce physics, very Gish-like. It's a shame your momentum is killed every time you collect a pick-up, but very fun and I enjoyed the ending!

Cute lil' character model, I think this could be the start of a very fun little platformer. Nice job!

The graphics are wonderful for a PICO-8 game! Super well done!!

I can see that, bugs spawning via the z-axis sorta breaks the 2D plane everything else is aligned to, and can look weird.

I did write the physics code, but it's deceptively simple! Each strand is composed of a series nodes, each node tries to stay within a certain distance of the nodes its connected to. Add a lil' bit of gravity, some spring physics, and that's basically it! Mebs I'll do a a tutorial video on it...

The art, aesthetic, and tone all work together to make a really lovely experience. Thank you for making this!

Hehe it's one of those "wisdom of the crowds" dealios where the code for each node of the web is relatively simple but in aggregate it looks like web!

Thank you for playing!

Congrats! You are one of very few to have defeated hard mode! A bunch of playtesters compared hard mode to a real-time puzzle game, and I think that gets at what you were saying about learning and reflecting on patterns.

At any rate, thank you for the lovely comment and thank you for playing!

Hehe most people think normal mode is far too difficult! But I'm glad at least hard mode was a challenge.

Aww that's very sweet T_T thank you so much for playing!!