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when is the beta 6 going to come out again... i know it is sometime this month but i dont know how much longer i can wait.

aww man!!! well it will be soon for sure!:)

is it complete !!!??? beta 6 is it complete!!!???

has steel raven7 said anything else about ravenfield beta 6???

i am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited for beta 6 i have been looking to make sure its confirmed and im happy

yep i saw steel raven7 post it.

thx i will try that out. does the jeep have to be gold??

serioulsly does anyone know how to turn yourself to gold with the super wrench!?

I need help here!

i dont know how to turn myself to gold with the gold wrench.

thx alot my friend figured it out but wouldnt shoew me. thanks again!

okay so you need to re download it and once you do drag the file with the mouse onto your homescreen somewhere. and bada bing bada boom your all set!

i cant see it it says on my screen the connection was reset...

it doesnt show the video to me

ive been seeing these kids playing with gold super wrenches and new guns and i dont know how to get them!!! how do i!?