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The wait is over, chapter 3 has landed! :D

Here is what's new:

Story Mode Continues!

Venture into the Fleet Communications beacon on a desperate quest. This is our most cinematic chapter yet, with many twists and turns!


Armor up!

The main new game mechanic this update is Armor. Protect your limbs from being instantly destroyed by death robots!

Armor is available:

  • In Story Mode Chapter 3
  • As an upgrade in all non-story modes (Endless, Challenges, Twitch Mode)
  • In the Level Editor: Check a box and any robot in the game is suddenly armored!

Rise of the Fleet Overseer!

Long did the voices cry out for some sort of boss. The Fleet Overseer is finally here to shoot a giant laser at those voices! BOOM!


While she mainly appears in Chapter 3, other areas you can play with her are Twitch Mode and the Level Editor!


A major new feature in Chapter 3 is playing with your trusty AI companion. Stand back and watch them wreak havoc.

Allies are also available in Twitch Mode! Simply type !spawnally fleetoverseer KappaPride to give your favorite streamer a helping laser beam! We initially restricted this to Twitch subscribers, but decided to open it up to everyone. Enjoy!

Aim Time!

Aim time is an awesome upgrade that's been in the game for quite a while now!

We've made it even more useful by making it not trigger automatically when you draw an arrow back. Instead: right click to aim time with an arrow drawn!


This has the great advantage of not wasting energy until you really want to aim, for all you energy-frugal archers out there. Hurray!

What's next: A small update with more stuff!

As is often the case, we could have easily worked on this update for another month without running out of high priority tasks to do.

But instead WE SHIPPED IT! Being in Early Access we strive to deliver you a rough, but satisfying experience in a timely manner. :)

The result is that we have a few things we wish we would have had time for, that we're gonna scoop up into a delightful update coming out 2-3 weeks from now:

  • Chapter 2 Overhaul: The game has come a long way in terms of the quality of our levels. We redesigned all levels of chapter 1 for this update, but ran out of time to revisit chapter 2.
  • Armor in Endless Mode: Endless Mode is completely untouched by this update. We're gonna fix that!
  • Level Editor items: We've created a ton of cool new assets used in chapter 3. Expect to see things like glass, doors, lights etc. added to the level editor in the next update!
  • General bug fixing: We know of plenty of bugs that we want to fix. If you find one email bugs@doborog.com

This is awesome! We're using it for the subreddit now: https://www.reddit.com/r/CloneDrone/

I think Erik is still playing with different player armor acquisition mechanics, it's pretty powerful so he's got a tough balance to strike! :)

Check out his livestream and you may catch him working on it!

If anyone prefers itch forums over tweeting, feel free to post your #TwitchCon Twitch clip here!

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Triple Slice Kill

Ahoy!! As Erik mentioned in our last update, we've been super-duper-heads-down-focused on finishing up Story Mode Chapter 3 -- our most ambitious update yet -- a multi-stage adventure chock full of fresh new gameplay elements!

And we've set a final date for release! The Story Mode Chapter 3 update will be available on Steam and Itch on...

📅 September 29th! 📅

Until then, we thought you might appreciate a sneak peek at:


Armor, which will be introduced in chapter 3, covers sections of your body -- stopping blade cuts and breaking apart on impact.

Sword 2 kill after 3 hits with armor

Yes, YOU get to wear it, too!

Sword3 Armor Arm Hit

"But wait...", you might ask. "Can ALL the enemies wear armor?"

Flame Raptor with Armor


Spidertron 6000 with Armor


Come visit us at #TwitchCon, & ticket giveaway!

We will be hosting a live Clone Drone Twitch Mode stream from our booth at TwitchCon 2017! If you'll be there this year, come visit us!! Otherwise, play along online at http://twitch.tv/doborog during the event!



When: Oct 20-22

Where: Long Beach, CA

On top of exhibiting the game and Twitch Mode there, Twitch has kindly given us two TwitchCon tickets to give away!!

If you stream Clone Drone's Twitch Mode between now and September 25th and tweet out a clip from playing, you'll have a chance to get one of the tickets!

To participate:

  1. Stream Clone Drone Twitch Mode at some point between now and the deadline (that's two weekends from now!).
  2. Snag a Twitch clip of the game from your stream!
  3. Tweet out your clip by the deadline: Monday, September 25th at 2pm PST / 5pm EST (convert to other time zones)Important: include #CloneDroneClips and #TwitchCon in your tweet!

And we'll contact the winners that week! It's a great excuse to try streaming on Twitch, or Clone Drone, for the first time!

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Twitch Surprise

Surprise, it's a mini-update!

While Doborog starts in on building Story Mode Chapter 3 (and begins teaching his own clone how to do things), we couldn't help but release our latest batch of Twitch improvements ASAP!

Share Your Workshop Levels With !suggest

Sharing your sweet workshop levels with Twitch streamers used to be a pain -- you had to:

  1. Send your streamer a link (which would usually get auto-deleted...)
  2. Convince them to open a browser and subscribe to it.
  3. Hope and pray your level would eventually show up in the random Twitch rotation.

Not good enough!!

Now you can send levels directly to your favorite Twitch streamer! Just type:

!suggest [workshop ID]

and streamers will instantly see:

Queue Voting

When accepted, levels will auto-download and become the next level in the rotation. Neat!

To get your workshop level's ID, go to its workshop page and grab the number from the id= part of the URL:


So go to your favorite Clone Drone Twitch stream and send em a level to try from the Workshop!

Level Editor: Twitch Spawn Areas and a Raptor Statue!

Tired of Twitch enemies spawning to their deaths or to un-reachable locations on your levels? Now you can configure Twitch spawn areas, so all Twitch enemy spawns on your level will target the areas you set!

What you do: Just drag a few of these areas out, and Twitch enemies will spawn there!


Pro tip: the vertical position of the spawn area is ignored, and spawn positions are found from top-down, so you can put these hints floating above the level if it's more convenient to lay them out like that.

How it works on Twitch: when spawning an enemy, the game will randomly select one of the spawn areas you've laid out, and then randomly select a position within that.

"Remember Me" for Twitch Logins

There's now a handy checkbox to save your Twitch username/auth token! No more fumbling around with your browser and clipboard when trying to connect live on stream.


Twitch "Up Next" and "Spawning Allowed" Notifications

Twitch mode will now tell the audience what level is up next (and if it's from the workshop, a link to the level), and when it's OK to start spawning. Especially on big streams, it used to be hard to know exactly when to begin !spawning to get in before the limit gets hit.


We've included a built-in delay roughly matching the stream delay so it doesn't spoil the outcome of the round you're watching.

Happy !spawning!


Big Stream Throttling & High Traffic Mode

Before this update, Twitch Mode on gigantic streams would usually result in streamers being temporarily global-banned from Twitch chat due to high # of messages the bot would send in a short period of time. 😅

With 0.9.1, Twitch mode will queue and throttle messages to keep you under the 80-message-per-30-seconds-in-your-own-channel limit, and when things get busy, enter a high-traffic mode, where:

  • !coins reports get collated and sent in batched reports.
  • "Too many enemies have been spawned" messages show up just once per round.


If you've got a really big stream and still see issues, email us support@doborog.com and we'll figure out how to tweak it to make it work for you! (And if you'd like to be added to our streaming press list for updates as well, let us know!)

Bug Fixes!

C'mon, you know we can't help smashing at least a few bugs!


  • Twitch Mode now shows "Now Playing" TVs and UIs, so you can tell which workshop items you're playing. TV-Showing
  • Fixed a bug where endless workshop levels with multiple difficulties would always select the first difficulty, which resulted in hard levels in easier tiers!
  • "Workshop and Normal Levels" now alternate between workshop and non-workshop levels when they have been played the same # of times, instead of just playing a single workshop level and then only normal levels.
  • The default endless workshop policy is now "Workshop and Normal Levels" instead of "Workshop only"
  • Level editor: make zooming in exponential, so you can zoom in to see much smaller things. zoom-in
  • Fix rare crash that would occur when unsubscribing from currently played workshop level while in Twitch mode.
  • If levels on the workshop have no enemies, the game will now skip the level & send us a report so we can investigate and remove them from the workshop.

Go check out some Twitch streams streams, find some cool levels in the workshop and suggest them! And watch for our next post with details on Story Mode Chapter 3, coming late August!

Note: If you'd like to subscribe to and play Steam Workshop levels and you purchased the game on itch.io, follow these instructions to redeem a Steam key from your itch purchase:


Hey Drew, are you still having this issue? Can you email me support@doborog.com and I can tell you how to fix it? This was an issue a few players hit when we used to allow spaces at the end of folder names, which Windows does not like.

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This release, we've added FLAME RAPTORS, 2 new raptor-based challenges, and a "repair" upgrade!

Flame Raptors!!

Flame Raptors are the most versatile enemies yet -- they breathe fire:

Raptor Breathing Fire

Enemies ride on top of them:


And they'll whip you with their tail!

Flame Raptor Tail Hit

The Raptor & RAPTOR INSANITY Challenges!

We added two new challenges featuring the flame raptors:

Raptor Challenge - Ten fun levels with brand new raptor-appropriate layouts!

Raptor Insanity - A VERY HARD challenge. We decided to try splitting this challenge into an easy and hard version, since we know not everyone enjoys getting slaughtered repeatedly. ;) Raptor-Challenge-Trophies

You'll also find raptor levels in higher tiers of endless mode, and you can even spawn them with riders on Twitch streams!




Lose your arm, and can't use your bow? Tired of hopping around on one leg?


Well, would you look at that!


Weird -- wonder why there are scare quotes around "Repair"...

Other small improvements!

We also made a handful of smaller improvements we thought our wonderful fellow players would enjoy!

  • Workshop levels can now use enemy deaths as triggers! (I think we may be getting close to Turing-completeness...)
  • We fixed a bug with moving platforms resetting after death in workshop levels!
  • You can no longer escape your damaged robot body by exiting and re-starting the game -- player voxel damage now persists!
  • Hammer blows to enemies faces are now consistently lethal!

And as always, we're excited to subscribe to & play the awesome things you make next in the workshop! (If you want to play workshop levels, follow the guide to get a Steam key from your Itch purchase!)

Have fun with the raptors, and watch for our next post about what's next!


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An unannounced update?? Wha-a-a-a-t?

We decided to put out an update with some of the smaller bits and bobs we've been fixing since 0.8.1 so you can enjoy them NOW!

This update includes: Level Editor ImprovementsBug Fixes, and "Now Playing" interfaces!

Level Editor Improvements

Custom Colors!

Now you can re-style any re-skinnable level item with the new Custom Color picker!

Color Picker

Color Tunnel

The Corner Wedge

Unassuming yet powerful, the Corner Wedge is perfect for smoothing out the sharp edges of level elements.

Single Wedge

Resize it, and it still looks good. Wow!

Corner WedgeAnd it comes in 10 sleek styles! Wedge Styles

The Light Pillar

It's light, in that it is lighter than the dark pillar. And it emits light.

Light Pillars


Bug Smashing

We smashed a bunch of bugs!

Smash Spidertron

  • Head kills now require 3 or more head voxels to be damaged. Shave carefully!
  • Arrows you JUST deflected should not hit your body after deflection -- and, conversely, arrows that already hit you should not be deflected). Your death should feel normal! (We're still hunting down one more edge case of this, but should happen way less often. Holler if you see it!)Bug Fixing ArrowsQuality Assurance
  • Player movement while on overlapping moving platforms should work better!
  • Swinging forwards with block arrows should now always block arrows in front of you.
  • Free Clones at the beginning of the first plays of challenges should now be properly gifted! <3 <3 <3
  • Author names for workshop items should now consistently show up.
  • The Level Editor Inspector now SCROLLS! So you can now have a ton of trigger zones and be able to use them when configuring moving platforms.
  • Mousewheel scrolling the level editor zoom is faster!
  • Mousewheel scrolling for the Level Editor Library now works and feels good! And doesn't zoom the level in and out!
  • Ctrl + D to duplicate does not pan the level editor to the left anymore.
  • Restarting an endless playtest when you have upgrade points will now re-spawn you in the upgrade room (so you can use your points!)
  • You can now type decimal numbers 0.___ in the Level Editor's Scale fields without it annoyingly putting 0.01 when you type 0.
  • Have a ton of levels? The level list for the challenge creation screen now has a scroll bar!

Find a new bug or the recurrence of one we thought we fixed?! Upset we didn't fix the one that is bugging YOU? Send it along to us! We'll make sure it's in our bug tracker, prioritized relative to everything else we want to add to / improve in the game, and Erik and I may even get around to SMASHING IT!

Now Playing

It used to be impossible to tell what workshop endless level you were playing, let alone rate or unsubscribe from them quickly.

Now you can just check the TV:

Now Playing TVs

Open the Escape Menu...

Now Playing on Menu Screen

Beat the challenge:

Challenge Complete

Or just wait for the insta-voter to slide out after you beat the level! (Vote quickly using your keyboard!)Rate Last Level

So efficient!

Subscribe to a bunch of endless levels and challenges to try it all out, and share your opinion on workshop levels!


Note: If you'd like to subscribe to and play Steam Workshop levels and you purchased the game on itch.io, follow these instructions to redeem a Steam key from your itch purchase:


What's next??

We wanted to get this mini-update out ASAP so you can start playing with it all now, but this is not all we've been working on. The next major update launches on June 25.

And we're posting a preview of it... very soon! Watch out for it!

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(gif from The Cats’ Arenas by Deside)

WOW! In the two short weeks since we launched the Level Editor and Steam Workshop integration, FELLOW CREATIVE HUMANS created over 1,000 challenges and 1,000 endless levels!! Many even took the new enemy wait and move platform trigger elements from last Friday and made mind-blowing contraptions.

Note: If you'd like to subscribe to and play Steam Workshop levels and you purchased the game on itch.io, follow these instructions to redeem a Steam key from your itch purchase:


In the Clone Drone Steam Workshop, you’ll now find beautiful creations:

The Dark Knight by FrafMonster

Mini-Bow Challenge by SiggiSuffkopp (even has a YOUTUBE TRAILER!!)

Level Pack 1 by Random Commander

Unique gameplay challenges:

The Gauntlet by DarkEmperor118

Ring of Fire Challenge by VastLite

And some simply all-around fun, well-crafted challenges!

The Factory by Pudding (with an ENEMY KILLING MACHINE)

The Cats’ Arenas by Deside

The Lava Temple by Silva (with a BOSS BATTLE!)

Wanna play some awesome new challenges and endless levels?

And when you try levels, don’t forget to:

  • Rate and comment on the challenges in the workshop! Let your fellow humans know what you liked about what they made!
  • Use Photo Mode to take beautiful screenshots! (capture and upload your screenshot by hitting F12 in Steam). You can then upload the screenshots and send the links to the creator! It’s so fun to see people playing your creations!!

Made or found a level or challenge you’re really excited about?
Share it here! I’d love to take a look!

What’s next?!

We’ll continue to improve the level editor going forward, including making some improvements in our next small update (especially since we’re using it to make levels too, now!).

And we have some some pretttttt-ty exciting non-level-editor things in the works, so stay tuned!

Note: If you want a Steam key and you purchased the game on itch.io, follow these instructions to redeem a Steam key from your itch purchase:


Ooh yes, time freezing is a common suggestion and I like your detailed imagining of how it would work and description of the pros/cons! We might do it some day!

Thanks Teo, we should put that in the instructions! Added to our task list!

Wow @Skylure these are super awesome!!

(Edited 3 times)

First things first. We've put a teeny tiny fix update (0.7.2)! This update:

  • Makes Photo Mode Music toggle on and off perfectly! It now makes us giggle every time we toggle it.
  • Fixes a crash some people have seen when performing said toggling.
  • Adds two things you Big-time Twitch Streamers out there: emote vocalizations for certain Twitch streamers' subscribers, and a new note about enabling slow mode to avoid being throttled.

Some Awesome Photo Mode Photos!

Humans, your creativity amazes us!! In the 3 days since we released Photo Mode, we have been blown away by the awesome shots our wonderful community members have taken.

Let's look at some of them! See more on Steam Community Screenshots, the Itch Forums, and the Discord chat!

From the Steam Community Screenshots:

The #RoboSelfie (thanks NoScope!)

The #RoboSelfie (by noscope)

Spidertron Deconstructed (thanks Dr. Greenman The Mad Scientist!)

Spidertron Deconstructed by Dr. Greenman The Mad Scientist

A very nature-photography-style photo. Note the player killing it in the background. (thanks ShAzZ!)

nature-lava-swim by ShAzZ

From the Community Discord:

What happened here? DEATH! (thanks Dope Arcane!)

Bow Madness by Dope Arcane

Spidertron... where'd your eyes go? (thanks VattHammer!)

Spidertron with No Eyes

Mid-air-duck-strike (thanks iosephusalbert!)


Off you go! (thanks Teewoo!)

Off You Go! teewoo

From the Itch.io Forums

A cinematic jump (thanks mincpower!)

Epic Jump by mincpower

There are so many more awesome ones we wanted to include, but alas blog posts can only be so long (I'm impressed you're still reading)!

Check out the rest of the awesome Photo Mode screenshots, and make & post your own so we can see them too!

Thanks for sending along the screenshot awaremolten and sorry for the trouble—we're now aware of this bug and have a planned fix! Will keep you updated on when that will be available.


Stickied and added to the photo mode instruction guide!

(Edited 6 times)

To use photo mode in version 0.7+, press TAB while playing the game.

To take a screenshot and add an image to itch.io so it displays on this forum:

  1. Take a screenshot and upload it to imgur.
    1. On Windows, the Print Screen (aka PrintScr) key will copy a screenshot to your clipboard. Then go to imgur.com, hit ctrl + v (paste)
    2. On OS X, Command(Apple) + Ctrl + Shift + 3 will copy a screenshot to your clipboard. Then go to imgur.com, hit command + v (paste)
  2. Right click on your imgur image once it's fully loaded and press "Copy Image Address"
  3. In your itch.io post, paste the image URL on a line by itself and immediately PRESS ENTER. It should transform into an image.

Here's an itch thread with a bunch of screenshots, post yours here!

If you're using Steam, you can use the Steam screenshot tool (F12) and post to the Community Screenshot Gallery instead.

& you can also always post your screenshot to the community Discord chat.


(Edited 1 time)

Update everybody: WE FIGURED IT OUT! It was an issue with the email address. Most other players' emails are probably formatted fine, so if you're having trouble it's likely one of the issues in the troubleshooting guide instead: https://itch.io/t/67604/how-to-get-a-steam-key-from-your-itchio-purchase

Thanks, hope you have fun!

Thanks for following up, have fun!

Not a problem, use the tool here to have another email sent: https://itch.io/docs/buying/already-bought

Hey corey, can you please email me support@doborog.com from the email you purchased the game from and I'll investigate?

Could you try from another browser? Make sure you're logged in to itch, request the key on that browser, open your email and verify it on that browser, and click to get the key again?

Make sure it's not in Incognito / Private mode etc, as that could stop itch from knowing it's still you.

Let me know if that works! If not please email me support@doborog.com and we can try to figure it out. If you know how to take screenshots you can email us what you're seeing as well.

(Edited 1 time)

Is something like this happening (from this guide):

Troubleshooting: When I open the link to get my Steam key itch displays a 404 error.

Solution: This will happen if you open the link in a browser that is not logged in to your itch account.
Ensure you're logged in to itch and try again.

Instructions are HERE!

Give em a shot! Note that the game won't become installable until 3/16.

(Edited 5 times)

How to get a Steam Key from your itch.io purchase

Step 1 - Find or re-request the Download page from your original Itch purchase email

If you haven't done so, find your original email with the purchase link.

Can't find your email??
Go to this page: https://itch.io/docs/buying/already-bought and you can request a FRESH DOWNLOAD EMAIL be sent to you!

The page should look something like:

Step 2 - Click "Get Steam Key", follow the instructions to get your key

Click the "Get Steam Key" button shown above. Follow the instructions to link your Steam account, verify your email if necessary and then copy the key to your clipboard. When in doubt, click Get Steam Key again and follow the instructions on screen.

You will use that key to put the game in your Steam library, so copy it to your clipboard.

Step 3 - Add your key to Steam (but the game won't be installable until 3/16)

If you'd like, you can link your Steam key to Steam early so on 3/16 all you have to do is install and run it.

Follow the steps on-screen. Once you get to this screen, paste in the Steam Key you got from step 2.

Once the key is activated, the game will show up in your library and start downloading.

Step 4 - Install and Play on Steam!

You can now download, install and play the game from your Steam library!

Something go wrong?

  • See Troubleshooting topics below.
  • Not covered? Reply to this thread and explain where it went wrong. Screenshots are welcome!
  • Still really, really stuck? Contact support (at) doborog.com if you're still stumped and we will help you.

Troubleshooting: I didn't create an itch.io account when I bought the game!

Go to this page: https://itch.io/docs/buying/already-bought

Troubleshooting: When I open the link to get my Steam key itch displays a 404 error.

This will happen if you open the link in a browser that is not logged in to your itch account.
Ensure you're logged in to itch and try again.

Out of curiosity, were you running on OS X when you originally had this issue?

What firewall / anti virus / operating system are you currently using?

Can you successfully connect directly to Twitch's IRC? Instructions here (can use e.g. mIRC if you are on Windows): https://help.twitch.tv/customer/portal/articles/13...

We're going to fix the infinite spinner on connection failure but would be good to figure out why you're consistently getting a connection failure.

Our most excellent QA tester & slow-mo bow trick shot expert VastLite shared this pen-and-paper mockup of a level he thinks would be awesome:

Key: [S] - spawn | [J] - jump pad | [E] - entrance | [ ] - empty square (jump pad or spikes... whichever's more fun!)

We think it's awesome too, so Erik is going to make it! (Maybe even while streaming like last time!)

Do YOU have a pen, paper, and a dream for a Clone Drone level? Share it here (upload the image to imgur and link to it in your post), and you may see it in a future version of Clone Drone!

I call it the fart. Esp funny with the jetpack engaged (cropdusting)

Verna, Verna Good!

Unpaid Intern




Dog Walker

Cat Enthusiast

Street Food Vendor


Game Dialog Writer



Bird Lawyer


Patent Attorney

Just learned there's a Clone Drone subreddit (thanks to ToxicDuck867): https://www.reddit.com/r/CloneDrone/

ToxicDuck added me as an admin so I can edit the style of the sub. A lot of subreddits will customize the alien icon / text, for example /r/minecraft's:

and the subreddit header from e.g. /r/rocketleague:

Anyone want to take a shot at making one of these elements for /r/CloneDrone?

Dear diary, today I had my first viewer ever. It went OK. I lost the game twice.

Domo arigato Doborog!

This is my first stream ever, and my first time playing through clone drone. My keyboard is really loud. Apologies in advance.