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Brian Kang

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All the music is original - they were made for the game, so don't have names. I'll ask the sound guy!

Thanks! It will be better in a few months for release :P

Thanks for the Let's Play and kind words! We did just get Greenlit on Steam a few days ago, and a full version is planned for later this spring, which will be released there.

Great info once again! I'll be sure to include the system requirements once we launch. Thanks so much!

Just got back from traveling, so I wasn't able to see this before, but thanks so much for the feedback and info! Also enjoyed your YouTube video for the game.

Ah, glad it's working for you somewhere at least! Thanks for the tip, I'll see what I can do about running the game on old computers.

Just updated it, Mac version should be playable!

Just uploaded a new update, let me know if you still have that issue!

Hm, I've never seen that bug before, sorry it's there!

I'll release an update to the game either tonight or tomorrow morning, and if the bug still happens afterward then send me your specs and I'll try to work it out.

Ah, sorry about that! I'll have a new build up in a couple of days.

No worries!

Ah, it would be hard for me to test a Linux port! No promises, but I'll try to include it in the next big update.

Thanks so much for the love!