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very interesting idea. I like the graphics, and the fact it is made in unity.


ok thanks

I'm new to python and discord bot making, and I pressed some buttons, some won't work, and I'm not sure what to do. There's complaints about it not working, and some errors that I pressed continue on.

I am on windows, if that's the problem. By the way, was this whole application scripted in python?

it's just that there's some bugs.

1. I can't see the portal

2. the portal gun (sometimes) does not work.

oh ok

I was looking in to that earlier today.

the rendering is bad

it's kinda broken, can you fix it?

lol I happen to randomly come across this on the look for good game music making software...

I like it, but can you add these features:

1. making your own instruments (and choosing to convert them into 8 / 16 bit_

2. adding effects for specific parts

3. (either this one or another one) real life instruments (no 8/16 bit music)

can I get the engine (not game maker, but a template of this)

can you make this available for 8.1 too?

nvm I got 8.1

someone tell me if this is virus free

is this made with Bosca Ceoil?

um can you put it in a compressed zip or something cause my anti virus deleted it

I want to practice, especially after my neutral run...

is it available on windows and game maker studio 2

standard assets

it's amazing, made a buncha music for my undertale-like game, and can u do the same thing, but with real sounds?

yeah, my first game too.

yay unity

I jumped so much while watching gameplay.

I got game maker studio 2 (most recent, it's a demo, probably won't work...)

do I have to get that version or

Can you make the map bigger, more space in the rooms, and have more endings, events...

I beat it by

1. not going to my office (I did, once but did nothing)

2. not going to his chamber (instead to 860)

speed the player up

do you have windows 10

I saw the vid for this

as in what do you have to do

so what's the point and is there a vid of it

it's good, but one I have a couple things...

1. it should be infinite

2. that's not how I rember the top of the staircase being

other than that, epic

you got it from brackeys

a lotta people did 

even me 

no offense

It's a hope

not a dream

wait, the video has glitched!

if you want to download it from drive.