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Read the game description? :)

"Since the team is now scattered around different schools with new projects, we are not able to continue development."

Yeah, as I wrote in my own post, I have no idea how to search these threads :) - Was just funny because it was one post apart ;P

It's a shame this game won't see any further development. If you or some of you ever decide to take it up again, I'd definitely be willing to throw money at you. And I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be the only one. A very nifty rethinking of survival/ rts :)

Posted the same bug just two posts above you xD

Did you try switching the two stacks around? If I remember to manage my inventory, I'll keep the partial stack second and the full stack first. It's a work-around, but it's annoying <.<

I love the idea of saving other survivors. Whether it be NPCs or other players (Other players will be a long way in coming, though, as they don't currently plan on a multiplayer version, I think).

Shark meat you get if you keep stabbing the shark with your spear after it's dead :)

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I'd like to see the way the inventory is handled to change from first-in-first-out to first-in-last-out. The way the inventory is handled now means I have to manually manage it all the time, as I keep getting parts of stacks of the same resource, when I craft and gather.

I can't figure out how to search these threads, so if this has been posted before, my apologies.

I'm fairly convinced this isn't a bug related to my hardware, but here's my information, just the same:

  • Windows 8.1 pro, 64-bit
  • Intel Core i7 3820 @ 3.60GHz
  • 16.0GB Dual-Channel DDR3
  • 3071MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780
Raft version: 1.05, 64-bit.

When crafting: If the material has more than one stack and the first stack in the inventory has less than the amount needed for the item being crafted, the smaller stack will be deducted, as well as the full amount from the next stack in the inventory.

Example: I want to craft a chest, so I'll need 8 planks and 10 scrap. In my inventory, I have two full stacks of planks, and a stack of 5 scrap as well as a full stack of scrap, in that order. When I have crafted the chest, I'll have a stack of 2 planks as well as a full stack, and I'll have no scrap left. If I make another chest, where the full stack is before the half stack, only the full stack will be deducted.

Smaller example: I want to craft a rope, which takes 2 thatch. I have a single thatch, as well as a full stack of thatch in my inventory. When I've crafted 1 rope, I'll have a stack of 8 thatch left. Same as above, if the full stack is in front of the single thatch, there is no problem.

How to reproduce: Just put a stack that contains less than you need for an item you want to craft in front of a stack that has the needed amount or more.

I experienced this as well in 1.05. It was the Windows 64-bit version.

I think you took a wrong turn, sir. Bug reports are back the way you came and two stickies down.

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I've enjoyed playing Raft quite a bit. It's very addicting. Still, it does set my imagination churning, so here are a list of things a friend of mine and I came up with that we'd love to see in game. The list is pretty much kept to things that could be implemented without messing with the core mechanics of the game (That is, the raft floating along on the ocean).

  • Flow of debris should lessen over time as you 'move away' from the supposed wreckage. Not too quickly, as the player should still have a chance to get seeds and food drops, but eventually, it shouldn't be all that much flowing past the raft.
  • A possible increase in number of sharks over time (attracted by the blood of their cousins or the blood of the player), with a maximum number of three or four. (Or a setting allowing the player to set the maximum).
  • Building a composter and using seaweed/ thatch/ food to turn into compost, and make compost a necessary component for cropplots and tree cropplots. (Would make it harder to get cropplots and tree cropplots, encouraging players to find alternate means of feeding themselves - like fishing and shark hunting :P - until the compost is finished).
  • Item nets should break off or take damage if too many things accumulate. Maybe a system so that if an item has been in the net for a given period of time, the current will eventually tear the item loose again, damaging the item net some amount. Or have it based on amount of items caught in the item net, perhaps.
  • Weather would be a nice thing. Rough waters that might snap off bits of the raft, if it's too rigid (that is, if the floor area is too large). Scorching sun that might cause sunburns unless you've built shelter. Freezing nights that could send you into hyperthermia, unless you've made something to heat yourself by or maybe created some kind of clothes from debrised canvas or other materials.
  • The possibility of tying smaller rafts together with rope, to lessen the risk of things snapping off in rough weather.
  • The possibility that you might get washed overboard in rough weather unless you're either inside a four-walled shelter, or you've anchored yourself with a rope to something on the raft.
  • A randomised amount of crop when harvesting. 1-4 for potatoes, 0-1 palm seeds from coconuts, and beets have to stay in the cropplot til they seed in order for the player to harvest those seeds, at which point the beet is useless as food, but the player gets 2-4 beet seeds.

Suggestions for additional types of items and debris: Bits of canvas, seaweed, crates of oranges (anybody up for debilitating agony and rotting gums with the complementary loose teeth? No? Have some vitamin C ^^), orange pips (3-6 per orange, but hard to get to mature into an orange tree, maybe add watering as a necessity).

Suggestions for player settings: The option to set the passing of time. Currently the time it takes for the player to get hungry and thirsty is terribly fast. As are the growth times of crops (which is rather necessary with the rate at which the player goes hungry, I guess). Making a setting where the player can choose the length of game day and then making hunger, thirst, and crop growth-rate scale to the setting would be great.