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Great concept and I like the simple visuals! Overall nice color choices, although the yellow blends into the background a lot. I wish there was better visual communication for what's interactable. The music also accentuated how slow my movement speed was...

This is a great entry! If this got fleshed out into a full game, I'd be really interested. The music has a smash bros break the targets kinda vibe that I like a lot.

Interesting concept, but most of the animal interactions in the game had really unclearly communicated effects. I got stuck for a while on the first deer, it kept giving me single letters to type, and at some point started moving backwards? I could skip the second deer by double jumping over it, and then got stuck in the next room due to a lack of jump power.

Not bad for a first FPS! The textures were a bit confusing for my eyes.

We're working on it! Apologies for the delay.

Unfortunately, the version of Unity the game is built in has issues with input config on Macs...

extract using winrar, 7zip, etc, then the executable file should be inside, double click that 2 play

It sounds like you missed a key. Happy to see you did an alternate strat for the dungeon though 8)