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Thanks a lot

I still get an error (the texture is not shown in the middle of the screen). Here's the output:

QOpenGLShader::compile(Vertex): 0:1(10): error: GLSL 1.30 is not supported. Supported versions are: 1.10, 1.20, and 1.00 ES

Oh the latest version says glsl 130 is supported, i will try it.



Yes, my laptop is old :/ thank you, looking forward for next release

Really awesome. Please add support for GLSL 1.3

Thanks! Yeah I will tweak the game post-jam

hmm im gonna look at that control issues. Thanks for the feedback!

Doesn't seem like that for me.

Is this okay now for you?

hmmm that is weird. I'm gonna take a look at it and update a fix. Sorry for the inconvenience

Thanks. It's called barrel distortion. I've used the library moonshine

Please make a google doc form, so anyone can use it even online

Thanks Jupi! As always, youre the best indie community supporter :)

That's weird. I cant imitate the issue. When you're on the game over screen, and pressed either escape, space or enter, the game should restart.

Hey Max :) Thanks for giving a feedback. Umm let me recheck the mac version (it's hard for me to test since i have no mac device -_- ). What do you mean by it launches 999,999 tanks? I think what you mean is the player's death animation which is the player exploding into different bits.

Yehey! someone found out about the easter egg. congrats :) 

I will continue this game after the jam :) also going to port it for mobile devices 

Hi, ive recently uploaded my game called "Going Home" here on It's a pixelated survival horror game :)

See here