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The game is very fun. I loved the music. It´s not easy but it´s good. Very good Job!

hi vpnc, thanks for the comments. I'm gonna play your game at night and I will give my feedback... regards

Man...It was my favourite game so far! Congrats, Five Stars.

Uouu! I loved this puzzle game! Excellent job man!

Iteresting. Maybe you can create some animations in the scenario to make it more dynamic. Good Job!

Interesting platform game! very good pixel art, the sound is good as well. Great job!

Cool game. The missions are very fun!

Hey Educar, muito legal o jogo, bem educativo e criativo. Parabéns, boa sorte na Jam!

Interesting puzzle game! Great job and good luck in the jam.

Very cool game! Great job man.

Thanks NeatGames...I'm going to check out your game at night!

É nóis Educar! De onde vcs são aqui é um do PR outro de SC e outro do RJ...depois vou jogar e avaliar seu jogo...ab