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First off i want to start by saying that even tho there are bugs i truly do still like the game, but these are kinda bugs that should be addressed soon if possible. Really am excited to see how far this game goes amd the way it will progress! 

Thanks for the feedback!

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Sorry ahead of the time for the long review <3 There are also errors in spelling and such cause i used speach to text to be able to say  more (sorry if you dont understand anything just let me know)

This game when I originally had found it I would scroll over it because I thought it was just another survival and wasn't worth the time or money to play. Took me maybe about a month before me and my friend who is Voltage MD actually really decided to check this game out and see how it is because we had gone past so many times and we were running out of ITCH.IO games. 

This whole game completely took surprise originally I was thinking I was going to get bored quick that I wasn't going to enjoy it but now I think it's the only game I'm really enjoying playing lately and yeah of course there's a lot of things that can be fixed and I did read that it is only one person working on this and I have to give you so much credit for what you have done, this game is extremely enjoyable for what it is and is a great time killing game. 

1 - A couple bugs that I've seen so far would be that sometimes when you're shooting at different people or animals you cannot kill them, i've had a couple issues not a lot where this is the case. 
there some spots on the map where you can see through the ground because there is a seam. 

2 - There was a bug where we had an issue where a guy was invisible and it was targeting voltage but not me and so we didn't know what was going on with that

Things to maybe be improved! - 
1 - Things I'd love to see in this game with you maybe changes in spawn rates maybe animals don't then as quickly as they do, maybe rocks will spawn a little more but at random locations other than the same location 

2 - plants and food items including mangos,watermelon,lime and all other food items other than meat take a longer amount of time to grow, 

3 - maybe see a watering can to where you have to water your crops to actually have them grow 

4 - rebel scouting groups would be really cool to see where they walk the path and if they see light from your house or something that they will actually Scout around your house not go in it so you have more of a defense type style to it also with having to build with stone instead of wood so it's more reasonable to build with stone and have more help for those building 

5 - maybe in the future see an assortment of attachments that you can add to your weapons as the M4 picture is completely different from the M4 that you receive when you buy it as a scope and it has a grenade launcher on it when you buy it is just a basic M4

6 - maybe some different or more building materials for your house is to expand even more 

7 - it'd be cool to possibly see like a little Jeep or some sort that you could actually pick up from a military base or from having more military bases where you have to find research blueprints to get this Jeep and to be able to drive to whether you're trying to get the trailer or more of the basis maybe kind of cool to see that 

8 - maybe a little bit more character customization where you can change like the shirt items shoes I understand that were based on it we are on Islands or not have super dry clothing or stuff like that but maybe even a way to build or make clothing out of different items 

9 - maybe a way to get to other islands where either the islands get harder or even easier but there's less to work with it be cool to see where the boat is not the ending and that you can actually find a way to get to other islands where it could be even harder and you're working harder for resources you could start over by building a new base or you drive your boat back to get your old base and that's how you use fuel up 

10 - a way to start the spawning of trees in a specific area that you started would be kind of cool having like tree seeds able to plant it in a little thing that you have made so that you could have a resource of trees but of course tree should take longer to grow because the spawn rate is a little too quick at the moment 

Now I will stop giving you all this nonsense and really say that this game is extremely enjoyable anyone who does read this review and for the dev I really want people to try this game out because it is great fun me and voltage MD are actually recording this together, and it will be coming up this week at least a couple episodes will be and we have to keep going on with this game and really helping you and telling you and we do really appreciate the feedback your giving us and that I really can't wait to see this game grow and really get out there I'm hoping to see another steam release that I had saw that it was on green light and then green light was discontinued, but I really do see a lot of potential in this game I can really see it getting really good as I saw that you had wanted to base it off of like a far cry is what I think I had read, for what it is now it is extremely good. 

And honestly I don't think you should change the price if anything I think you should make it $5 or $10. The game is worth every cent that is if people like survival games where the game is based off of pretty good realism like the building that you can't really build without supports and such the game is really good and I think it deserves more credit than some people may be giving it

Thank you for the time if you did really read through this and that I hope to hear from you some more I will be gladly giving more feedback as I claim or through this game and enjoy it even more than I have already

Well that is a  little sad that your not continuing it,really had a lot of potential. But id love to hear what your coming up with next if its anything like this game or different? 

Thanks for the Reply!

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This Game could be really cool if you did maybe at a later time choose to add more to it!

Stuff like

-More Guns

-More Gun customization

-Melee Weapons

-More Base Building Parts

-Maybe Different Maps with different Terrains like a King of the hill one and your crystals on top of a hill and they have to get to it

Alot of cool stuff you could do if you choose to maybe do some more work with it or have any plan to maybe a later date to give some one else the coding so they could expand it! (Of course with your Original Name cause its your Game) But id love to see this game grow if youd choose to do so!

Maybe try making it where servers can run through Java and you can make them kinda like Minecraft creating Servers?

Id love to Record this with a friend if your able to work out the multiplayer stuff!

Little Bugs

-Game somtimes doesnt want to host

-Multiplayer doesnt work