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I really like the idea of this game, played a few minutes of the jam version now gonna upgrade to the final! Really good when you get in a rythm

Had fun with this one! Still an early impression the map is pretty big(haven't even found my second well yet), 1 thiing i wanted to point out is the sound had the habit of simply disappearing or being very low, although i must note that i played this in the itch app not the browser so that may be a factor

9520, Its pretty good gets challenging too. It's well made and the online high score thing was a nice surprise too!

Fun game and has some great art too

Thank you so much!

Thank you! I'll be working on adding levels over the next 2 weeks

Finally getting back on track damn life getting in the way. Github repo up although only my gamestate classes have been coded.</n>


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My devlog for Meteor simulator! It's a game in which you are a meteor doing meteor things which i assume are running away from meteor cops, hanging out with meteor girls and of course destroying everything in their path! Twitter and github repo coming soon!
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Hi, I'm Kacha, a Cs student and budding indie developer, this will be my first jam and im hoping to have fun learn a lot and develop mmy skills as a coder/game dev. I'll be using libgdx of course and probably box2d. I'll be working with my brother in a team of two.(My sister shall serve as a consultant on story and art direction)