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BradyGamer Z

A member registered Jan 18, 2018

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on a desktop, IOS 10

I tried re-doing everything, no luck. OS 17134.165.

it keeps saying " not found" WHAT DO I DO HALP PLZ


I have some idea's for the full game:

One: There should be a fieldtrip where you go to a museum and like the original game, you have to collect artifacts and exit to win.

Two: A bear should chase you around during the camping fieldtrip.

Three: There should be an item called fuel while your camping that makes the fire stop going down for 5 seconds.

Four: There should be a new character called "drummer boy" who makes you keep a beat.

Five: There should be a cut scene of you on the bus in-between each field trip.

Mystman, if you read this far, please consider my requests for the full game. I have much more ideas for this game and if you would like to hear more contact me at:


DANG IT! I really want the game but probably don't have ten dollars :'( I'll figure it out though.

Thanks mystman!! it works now!

ugh you cant change the mouse sensitivity :( But still an AWESOME GAME DOOD!

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it keeps saying "unityplayer.dll not found" WHAT DO I DO SOMEBODY HELP PLZ