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Thank you sharing your story, love the way you edit the texts. 

We know our body and our mind is trying to protect us, but sometime it doesn't do a good job.

Nice idea, this can be hella addicting.

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Amazing, interesting mechanic, and what a good doggies to go through all that platforming.

That birds eye view ending is genuine.


I hope everything work out for you. Thank you for sharing.

Is this the meaning of love?

I want to adopt a frog now. 

Why is this so deep and sad at the same time?

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If this is a prologue for something bigger of this VNs, I'm all for it. Even within a short period, I care for these trios thanks to the plot settings and seeing how much they care for each other. Hopefully, they'll all get reunited.

Lastly, I gonna say that soundtrack sorta remains me of Halo, intentional or not. 

No pro, take all the time you need.

Are you planning on making another game?

Thanks for the science lesson.

Definitely a great game. I like how different it felt playing it compares to other red riding hood games. Hope to see more.

Meowmie must be protected at all cost. 

I'm glad finished getting all the letters, that last few comments were worth it.

This is game is hard, brutal and it hurt my fingers, but I LOVE IT!

Such as a good polished linear game, with a simple, but a satisfying puzzle. I really like the light, warm colour palette that was used first half, and then we get some dark oozing one towards the end. 

But, I don't think I would come back to work after experiencing that.

I have never chuckled so much in my life!! Such as a fun game with amazing comedic timing and sound effect, I hope to see more of this type of humor in whatever project you're doing next. Thank you for making my day.