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This topic was created because I myself had problems in my country to know, am I allowed to put a macro image or not? Because (I do not know if it is the case in America) we have a few problems with our TV channels and there is no protection because our laws do not yet know the Internet. So as long as you are there, tell me what it will take to make my topic respects the framework of itch.io, thanks

And I speak here of all subjects dealing with copyright

Ps: I come from France if you are wondering

itch.io Community » General · Created a new topic Copyright problems

Hello !

This topic was created to help creators with their copyright problem

PS: Depending on the country, the laws may be different so mark all countries where your game is published

I am willing to me because I am a bit new in the world of programming

The link to one of my games : Bouton-Choice

And I hope not to have to write this message to nothing

Thank you Voia and reminds I'm French so the translation can be bad

Hello i'm B-IA , the develloper of Button-Dev

You want a hard game?

Button-Choice is for you

The principle is simple: search the button causing the level to the next level

But a wrong button and you return to level 1

With 40 levels and 3 BOSS, He has often Update

Thank you to the players who will be played

B-IA , Creator of Button-Dev

NEW !!! Button-Dev has created its Android application, Check

Check allows you to make drawings through CheckBoks

And you can participate in contests to show your talent

Bouton-Dev - itch.io

Hello , I'm B-IA , developer of Button-Dev

And i'm a game for you , Button-Choice

This game has a simple premise, click a button ...

But only one button to go to the next level

And the other bring thee back LEVEL 1 !!!!

With 30 levels and 2 Boss, this game is a real challenge.

It is downloadable for free on my profile : https://bouton-dev.itch.io/

PS : I'm French so it can there be false sentences

Hello ! I'm B-IA ! I'm the boss and the game developer of Button-Dev

I'm French and i developed 2 games : Button-Choice and Check

If my work that interests you , 1 link : https://bouton-dev.itch.io/