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Reece Geofroy

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Good luck in the jam dude!

Thank you Dom! 

Glad you liked the coin / heart mechanic! Thanks for playing!

Thank you :)

Thanks Istalri! Glad you enjoyed :D

Thanks for the lovely feedback!! Glad you enjoyed :)

Yayyy! Thanks paperstack! This is amazing to hear <3

Sooo glad you think so! <3 :)

The controls were tough to get right, but we did the best we could with what we had hahaha :P

Would have loved to add more sound effects and some music, however we ran out of time :[

Haha yeah, for sure! Hopefully you figured it out eventually though! :]


Glad you thought so! :D

Yes, I definitely feel you on this one. We tried our best to balance the game to be fast enough to enjoy, but slow enough to react to the approaching hazards :]

Woohooo! Yeah, 100% completion is pretty difficult, but definitely possible!!!

Thanks Dragon! Glad you enjoyed our entry :)

Thanks! I wanted to stick with a retro look for the nostalgia! :D

We had a ton of fun learning PICO-8 for the jam! Glad you enjoyed the levels we made!

Glad you liked the game SOL! Videos on the creation story coming soon :D

Glad you did! :D

Thanks Xatabov! Glad you liked our project!

you bet!

Haha, yeah definitely not an easy game to 100% complete!

Thanks Joe! Glad you liked it :)

Awesome, I am very happy you enjoyed our game DeMaLaw! Sorry for the harsh difficulty curve, but thanks for playing ;)

Thanks for the response Kalechipps! Glad you liked the overall experience! :D

Very glad you liked this quick experience Sam. Expect some collaboration content from Ollie and myself in the near future haha

Thanks Luis! Glad you enjoyed the game! :D I really liked the launch pad idea as well.. ahah

LMAO I am glad you found a unique perspective for this game(spooky). I hope you enjoyed it even with a lack of musical interpretation!

Thanks so much for the feedback Poltroon! We were pretty tight on time when it came to this idea, as we scrapped 3 other games before making this one, but I really appreciate this amazing feedback. The theme wasn't executed extremely well, but I am still happy with what we made here hahaha 

Thanks again!

Thanks man! Glad you enjoyed it!!! :D

Thanks so much Bricchi!!! <3 :D