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Best entry I've played yet, everything is smooth, nice and most importantly fun.
I can't describe how good this is. The only thing that could be probably improved is player's speed in overworld.
Other than that, brilliant job.

Pretty fun. The game's looks, controls, music and sfx are really good and polished. The core mechanic is unique and has a lot of potential to make complex puzzles. Sadly the game is a little bit short (because of deadline,  I suppose) but overall, the game is grand.
Great job.

snek snek snek
snek. great snek.
snek / 10

Weird but intersting concept, first time playing I had no idea what was going on, I was just picking up appes and placing segments. And then I got some wood, and this game picked turn for the best. It has a really nice concept of getting goods from nature, then getting stuff from the working people and it brings diversity and sense of progress.

Pretty sad that the road system was not implemented as you've stated on the page, but even without it game is very entertaining. Great job.

Intersting, as far as I played the levels are randomly generated (or I haven't played enough) and overall A E S T H E T I C feels really nice.

Really cool entry, great job!

Awesome! Just great job, it is really fun to play, the only thing it was missing for me was the sfx and ability to swipe through grids to crop, clicking on each individual cell after getting a lot of them was pretty tedious)

Overall, just wonderful, amazing job

I've made an HTML5 game for LOWREZJam. I tried to set iframe settings to change the width and height, but I can't apply them.
It crops my game screen so experience can be ruined

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Boi, I tried my best.
Also, the level editor has glitch/feature where moving blocks spawner can be landed on (like on a platform).
Still though freaking awesome.

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Pew Aaaa actually had me in tears. I don't kow why, but it was so ridiculous. I mean I really love this game.

Darude - Sandstorm (MLG edition)


Dem outta dem.

This taught me how to hunt ducks.
10 cars / 10 wut

Where did you get those sweet cow models?

It is great. It reminded me of Endless War flash game series, while having this old-flash game aesthetic. Though, combat is way too awkward. So I think it's 8.5/10. 

It's janky, fun, but a little bit too janky. Though it reminded me weird PS1 game, so 4/5. Pretty cool.

Dude. That is awesome. I got nostalgia surge from this game. Plus it is absolutely terrible. Love it. 10/10

10 / 10 would fist again.

What. How is that even possible? I can't get past 5!

Really cool and simple concept realised perfectly, but I think it lacks overall badness. 8/10.

I don't know how to game, but still love it.
10 what / 10

Thank you!

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Darude - Sandstorm (MLG Remix), son
We tried to meme it to the point of transcendence.

Not bad enough, but really cool game with a great concept. 8/10

Oh. Just. Dude, I have tears of joy rolling down my cheeks. I mean, boi.
10 pew outta 10 aaaa

Fuck, this game is awesome. Like on every single level is awesome. Love it man, the only downside I see, which makes the game a little bit boring, is that level are way too big, but other than that, it is perfect.
Definitely my favorite game of this jam.

Nice ending thou.

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This is the only game where I can respect women and disrespect doors.
8/10 - Would pay respect again.

Yup, childhood in a nutshell. Solid 10 outta 10.

31 points. Addicting af. I like it.

I'm sure I've done 50% of the jam right. My game is definetly bad. Not sure about the good part though(

This is really awesome. It actually one of the few entries that I have geniunely enjoyed played. Amazing job, the only problem it feels a little bit disconnected from the themes (I saw what you did there at the end), anyways solid 9/10.

Game updated, glitches fixed, everything is honkey-dorey.

This is really fun to play, but the ending screen contains colors other than from the pallete (2 shades of red).

Wonderful experience, everything is great except for the font and absence of any sound. 9/10

So this game is pretty good. The idea of being time loop and escaping it through building up speed is absolutely fantastic. It matches themes 100%. Though idea is good, there are some major flaws in gameplay: enegry orbs don't do anything (or I'm just stupid) and booster locations on later levels are practically unachievable. Graphics and sound are very basic and it is rather dissapointing.

But overall, I liked this game and enjoyed playing it. 7/10.

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Good God, you are my hero. For me, being quite lazy, this is truly heroic what you have done. Boi, thanks for contributing to the jam in such way!

So am I, anything you want to talk about?

So I made a game and submitted it, but in a hurry I forgot to add versions for platforms other than Windows. Will it be against the rules if I upload versions for Mac and Linux after the deadline?