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Sort of reminded me of a David Firth cartoon. 

Great game; visually beautiful and the audio is really menacing.

Really great and playable take on the jam theme. The use of Romeo and Juliet was genius as well; a great way to get lots of pre-written amusing dialogue and backing story in there.

Enjoyable and polished. Although it did seem slightly redundant to use LMB to fire when the position of the mouse meant nothing; maybe that's just me.

Reminds me of an old Windows skiing game I used to play. Well executed although the contrast of the colours made it difficult to play for any length of time.

It's funny that someone else mentioned the Beast games because I really got that vibe off the enemies. Really enjoyed this one, one of the better endless runners in the jam (boy have there been a lot). The shifting between reality and cyberspace feature was a really interesting addition. Particularly loved the background art.

Enjoyed this a lot, it's gone in my "favourites from the jam" collection. I'm not really used to this sort of game, and I don't know how much it fit the theme, but I felt more like I was being involved in a "cyberpunk" world than with a lot of the more shooty/jumpy entries I've played. Remembering the combos was a bit frustrating, and in retrospect I should've used a pad. If you want to make it feel a bit more "gamey" you could incorporate a cocktail recipe book somewhere, and have a countdown after people order; serve it quicker and get a bigger tip; or something like that. Really well written from a dialogue perspective.

I really enjoyed this,  although I eventually had to quit because it was feeling like there was no difficulty ramp. Might be interesting to introduce health pick ups and only restore a smaller portion of health after each boss. Also maybe experiment with mouse aiming for the guns to counter some of the criticisms about the aiming. Really polished and looked great. Occasionally difficult to "read" my ship when explosions were happening in the distance but I have similar issues with a lot of colourful shmups.

Ladders were the most frustrating element (trying to jump onto them without flying off). I liked the fact that the robots just sort of pushed you off ledges instead of killing you; not what you'd expect in a platformer but it made it different. Maybe add in a sort of medal-based, time-attack/race element and it'll feel more gamey.

Oh boy, this was really enjoyable. The eyes scared the hell out of me, and it was really interesting/unsettling to see what happened when I deviated off of the track. Hope you do more with this.

Really fun to play. Tutorial could use some more explanation of how to do everything. But I enjoyed playing it, and I liked the unit build voices :)

Felt really satisfying to control, and will do even more so when you've got vertical movement. I was pleasantly surprised when the chopper came in as the enemies were starting to feel dull. Wasn't much strategy to it apart from running backwards and forwards but hopefully more movement directions will allow for that.

Really interesting. Might work well as a multiplayer board-game-like, perhaps where you don't know who the other players are and where each has a set of two or three goals to achieve.

I really enjoyed this. The hacking minigame is interesting and you actually have to think about it and I loved the camera movement. My only issues were that Tyrell looks like he has ballet shoes, and also the updrafts could be hard to use sometimes, I just felt stuck.

 I was a little confused at first that I wasn't starting on a building. I also noticed that sometimes you will get one building right next to another, so that it feels like there's 4+ rows on the same building, and controlling on a vertical plane feels a bit off (maybe the camera should rotate so that the surface you land on is always horizontal?) But overall I really enjoyed this; the aesthetic is great and it's a good play on the theme so I've rated it quite highly.

I feel like a lot of that intro story exposition time could've been used for a visual tutorial. Having images relating to what you actually do in the game is a lot more useful than a text-only tut...

Enjoyable, will play again. Although I think the rings needed to be a bit brighter.

One of my favourites so far. A really simple mechanic that kept me playing for a lot longer than many of the other games. My only trouble was that at the start I was unsure as to the relevance of the 3 gang member's positions and their relationship to the block/building colours (I'm guessing there wasn't any).

Very enjoyable. Not the most fitting with the theme or setting but had me playing for a while.

I enjoyed this. A really attractive game. The only thing that put me off was the upwards, non-running jump, which I kept accidentally executing when trying to jump forwards. 

This was really enjoyable to play. One thing I felt was that the middle pink stream was actually more difficult to stay on for a long period of time than the top one. This was because you could avoid things on the top layer but jumping up and over, but doing so one the middle stream automatically takes you up. So maybe the middle stream should've been the most valuable?

I loved the hacker-typer level generation loading screen thing, and then the game itself took a couple of times to "get", but I really enjoyed it. Good way of combining the emphasis on typing in older hacker movies and the running around/espionage elements. Nice work.