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This is a link about The Biggest Video Game Database on RAWG (I didn't add that) :

Thanks to playing my game!

i know but it removed the download link.

I found a link about RMN: Do you have a download link 


you got Ending 2. Keep up the good answer


I hope you like it again ;)

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I hope you like it :)

I made a wiki for your game (again):

Hi I made a wiki for your game:

But this is a mistake. Ending 2: You Can Try Again is a second ending but this thing is Ending 2: Good Job is a mistaken to Ending 3.

Thanks! You got Ending 3

It just 10 minutes to play it.

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I made my game and I have 26 images (check and cross image and 24 text images) and no music but some sfx. I use RPG Maker MV and background of keyboard input has a little blurry behind the text images.  I test myself to play it.

Yeah because it can't upload your game until the vote or game jam ends.

Very nice to submit your game

You need SHIFT to run.

Excellent game, 30+ Minutes to play and search somewhere in the desert. Great job!

that's a great game I played.



I think it's RPG Maker MV, right

i'll make a wiki for your game

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Your game looks great

Your game looks great

good job

nice game

that's great, while i saw the documentation.

Caz got a tutorial

Luna Engine MV community · Created a new topic Great Tool

Hi archeia. I heard about Luna Engine earlier, but it's great.

This is great tileset maker. Great job!

it's nice about your game

i like that game

It is impossible to finish the game

thank you for hack the plugin

I play the game and visual novel is great.

what switch like Nintendo Switch.