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bor3d bruh

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i dunno how long you've been working on this but man... get yourself some sleep

it was really hard to play on Mac since I don't use a mouse

... I finally got the code but, I don't think the people playing this will get the code so easily. its really difficult 

no seriously, I tried more than 60 combinations but none of them worked

I can't get past the 6 digit code panel. theres no hints, no nothing 

hey man, I've been struggling to play the a game on my Mac for 2 hours and I've been stuck on the menu tab with my gigantic  curse. when I pressed levels it showed the info and a coin floating on top. I pressed every key but it didn't budge 

all I see is a purple screen on my Mac

so I played this on my Mac for a bit and... I can't get past lazer clean. a really nice game to play though. awesome concept by the way, I love it. 

I can't play the game, im stuck at the menu screen and I kept pressing the Z button but nothing works. I refreshed it a few times but still no luck. I use a Mac