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Awesome little game!

Keep up the great work!

I thought maybe images would be easier, not sure though.

It's a amazing game, which I enjoy hugely. 

But a few things that would make the demo a little more enjoyable. 

  • My scroll to rotate doesn't work. 
  • A simple market system, or a way to get wood back after you've used some, I once made a table which used the 4 leg like pieces, and once those were gone I couldn't really make anything else of that scale, so a simple respawn mechanic could be a fun addition. 

Thank you! I know this is just a demo but these two things would make this 100% more enjoyable.

Of course!

  • Laptop - HP Stream
  • Chrome - 81.0.4044.138

I do have extentions, quite a few actually; but these two in particular have caused me problems in the past, maybe it's these? I can list all of my extentions if necessary.

  • Adblock
  • Pop Up Blocker

For some reason It's saved this time after multiple times making me start over.

I'm using Google Chrome! I hope this helps for future bugs.

I'm really loving the game but whenever I exit the game and reopen the browsing tab it makes me restart from scratch. Any ideas on how to fix this?

Thank you. :))