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This is really amazing. Helps a lot to ease my creative blocks.

The elevator doesn't seem to work. Sad, because the rest of this game is real cool!

i wonder if some sort of "creative" mode would work, where you can build a kingdom to your heart's content?

relaxing and intense at the same time

yoooo i love this game

3/10 not enough fluff

just kidding, this mod is awesome

This game is sick.

Can we get a level editor tho?

Used the Copycat's "Imitate" card or something on myself, game broke.


It gets hard after a while, but I think this is really well done!

I like how the different thoughts give different moods, and sometimes it's thought-provoking - like "Why did the word enemy make me happy?" or "Why did the word kids make me sad?". Good job on all fronts.

Ain't working for me. Shame.

Yet again, this game is amazing.

Maybe different things to type would be cool. Great game, though!

Amazing visuals, great concept, really good all around.  Nice job!

Time limit is a lil' bit tight, but it's fun nonetheless. Well done!

The opening dialogue doesn't appear for me, so I was pretty confused.

Wow, that's a lot of new modes.

Hey, this game is really fun!

This is really useful.