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They make game in space time and have the real life job, that reason alone speak loud why the development this slow. Not to mention they did animated, voice, planning words count around 400+ and the game system is a little complicated to coding (I've my own experience so I understand too well the development hell). And I agree that the fan don't put high hope as the development still got a long time to go, and we don't know what will occur to them (which will effect the project as well).

I'm so glad! I would support the game either way but I'm a sucker for Steam Link cuz my back can rest while I enjoy the game xD

Just one more question: will the game also on Steam or just Itch? (◕‿◕)

yes, Lawrence is in the full/pay version

I in love and couldn't wait for more! The writing so charming. And even I'm not use to the art, I've to admit it suit the game theme and bring up the atmosphere very well.

It would be better if you change the UI and History text font to an easier-to-read font, like the textbox/web font? (and would even better if the game have a new UI, but I understand it all up to you guy anyw!)

The skip all feature exist mostly for the old player who follow the game to help them check the change easier though (because the new player won't set skip all unless it default), and if the new player need it then it their choice anyw.

The point is, the persistant folder in the disk C, and when you need to reinstall your window it will be lost all the data. That's the reason me and my friend drop out some games after out PC get repair and reinstall window, because the game didn't have skip all feature and they don't want to click through it again. Also ppl mostly don't keep the game save file though...

Anyw, it seem like the new demo have a different file, because my old save file still there in persistant and it won't let me skip (so I've to click the whole demo)

That's why I recommend you to have the skip all feature. But it you guy choice to do it or not anyw.

To the new demo, I think I would love to have the skip all feature if possible, in case I lose the game save and have to go through the game again (I go through that terrible experience many times so...)

I love it. But it seem that this pj already dead...

I really enjoy the demo and thirsty for more!

I finish it. It was fun! And I figure our LIs was [spoiler] easily~ I love Brooke and Mrs.V~

Oh wow, how can you guy did this much in such a short time? So cool! Definitely check this out later!


It rare to see this visual style with such well done work. But I think it would look better if you remove whatever-behind-Hugo?

The game kinda interesting but too short. I'll waiting for the extended demo.

Keep up the good work!

The text kinda small, I wish it could be bigger...

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Is this the final version of the sprite? Plz say yes I loveeeee this, way more than the tittle style...

I love "choose your protagonist" kind of game, and even more when I could date both gender each protag! Woah~ It's really hard to find such game in VN though... And I love both of your protagonist!ANDDDDDD  I love it when each protag have different scene and all, it really worth to replay as other protag (honestly, I wanna play both everytime but what the point when the story completely the same?). Can't wait!~

Just here to saying that Dimitri is missing...

As a Vietnamese, I'm surprised and happy to see our culture here: the food, the outfit, the name, the history! You guy truly did a decent research. Thank you so much for crafting this!

Not a fan of FE3H BUT I LOVE THIS! So lovely so peaceful so sweet!

Oh my god I hate Izumi with passion :) 

I'm an unterested in war theme myself, like - zero interest, but I totally charmed by Guilty Parade - by the premise and it characters urgh. I love Nemo and Elias, the other char kinda interest to interact too. I can see how much you guy put effort in this game (and bravo the progammer!).

Obviously it will be commerical if it release

No, thank YOU for make such a precious OC like Owen. He just... too good to be real. His whole life at risk but he won't forced Junia to go with him, he would let her come back to visit and not ask for children, and he bravely face his problem in the stay ending instead of running away. It would be damn selfish of Junia to let Owen lose his everything to life her peaceful, dreamy life, just because "I'm not remember it". Engaged to Emelia is the reason he got to this hug mess anyw, if the engaged ruin Emelia life (which is not) - it ruin Owen's as much as well. I would accept go back with Owen even if I'm not love him.

Sorry for my rambling, I'm just... so hype about it. And sorry for my poor English as well... ^^"

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I'm really happy because this game only focus on Owen hahaha. This game IS perfect because it only focus Owen to my opinion... Ppl can't throw the past away that easily despite how much they enjoy the new life. And choose the new life is just ... irresponsible to the whole long life before your amnesia.

I wonder about that since their last update is Dec 2019, it late April 2020 already and not even a update? Seriously?

I mean like-the-logo which mean the box just need be border like that, not the whole box have that color. And this is the 1st time I hear Renpy default UI "give the 80s mood".

And this is MY opinion which the dev could give it a thought or leave it, no harm done.

I think you could keep them simple yet suitable to the art, like make text box and choice box border blue neon light like the logo?

It kinda a shame that the game GUI didn't match the art quality, but I'm looking-forward to Summer's End so so so much

you need PC either way, even Steam Link which help you play on your smart phone req a runing PC installed Steam while you playing...

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There is some issue in the fanbook, hope it can be fix later?

Page 80 (Tocchan) you put the wrong CG (it should be Haato as top CG one instead of bj)

Page 121 is Kaede CG collection but you put Kei's instead (but it not switch with Kei since it still appear again in Kei CG collection turn)

Will this available on Steam as well? I would love to have both the game and this in my library if possible :3

The game text kinda small, it hard to read and concentrate. And I wish it had black border too cuz it even harder to read with the bright scene/BG...

The demo so amazing! But I wish it have save...

Will the full game have skip feature? It would be lovely if it do! I wanna skip the part I played in the demo. I'm not finish the demo yet cuz the is not save and my back killing me, but I don't wanna replay either urgh...

It just brother love, you just too sensitive...

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Oh my god I can't believe I almost pass this wonderful game because it UI. I'm so happy that my friend told me to try this game!

I knew Lepold is my bias of this game in a very 1st sight and even more so after I finish the game. I love both Leopold and Iolanthe so so so much, they are my OTP now. You won't know how long I finally ship a cp this hard.

I definitely look forward to the sequel!

The protagonist just one of many vampire, a person do not have that much power to change the whole world lol And you can't change a person way of thinking that easy. That's the same in real life. A think Heath special ending is a GOOD ending, at least to him haha

I don't know if you need this, but my friend who is a tarot reader said the death only doesn't mean death, it need the death + the tower + the devil/10 of swords

OMG I love Kien so much. So so so so much that I only want to play his route. Arha is also a good heroine.

Hello. I just want you know that I really really really adore your game. I so happy to see you make Indo theme game, although I'm not Indonesian, but close enough to feel the similiar, and it's like breathing a new air with plenty JP theme or Asian culture hot pot game out there.

It's a random CG in foreplay. I think Hikaru must be top, the he tell Haato to turn ass to his face and his put his finger in Haato asshole.


I just redownload the game and try again, and I did unlock Fudanshi ! I don't know why because I just do the same... you should try redownload the game too!