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"For my 1st playthrough it's the axe and 2nd playthrough is coconut (I get all the coconut I see but the inventory didn't show them eventhough I still have space)"

It 2 different item in 2 seperate playthrough Ò Ó

Weird... some items didn't show in my inventory eventhough I'm pretty sure I already obtain them. For my 1st playthrough it's the axe and 2nd playthrough is coconut (I get all the coconut I see but the inventory didn't show them eventhough I still have space).

Having a break between work is nesscessary, talking from my own experience. Enjoy your break!

I love both the old and new art style 💖 and hooray for the new UI

ờm... chế ơi... chọn ngôn ngữ Việt script vẫn tiếng Anh í, chỉ có choice và menu là tiếng Việt thôi ; ;

finally... book 2 is the one I look forward to the most...

isnt that background from School Idol Festival...? why would you use it for a non Love Live fan game?

Wow, so pretty

They did said they curently focus Nor's route 'till it done before start working on other route so...

aww no config text speed? (´。_。`)

I love Vesper (❤´艸`❤)

You mean the scene where April run into Hendric? I run for Faine first (I have eye on Faine since the characters infor because of his fav weather lol). My sense screaming cuz normally I would have stay instead xD

I love rain so it such a joy to see a game with rainy theme (it's been so long to see another indie game with this kind of atmosphere after Kokorogawari), the atmosphere and the visual just so,,,! *chef kiss*

Can't wait for more, since the mini demo still too short for me to have a clear thought about our characters.

you can create a paypal acc then link your bank acc or better - visa/master card to your acc

OMG congrats!

it have demo on steam... back then TDS also have demo on itch but it seem like they removed it...

for the Iandir bad end, it imply very clearly Iandir got murder by a jealous centaur I think

make a paypal acc and link your card to that acc, it pretty simple

It May 2022 and still no update... I knew it.

I just hoping for update yesterday!

they did said below that fanmade translation are ok so... I think you should go for it!

u là trời, đi đâu cũng gặp người quen thế này =)))) chiến thần nhạy tin =))))

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I just wonder... will this game also available on Steam once it finish like TROS?

It's their responsibility to update when they already did a crowdfunding but delay the release day, that the least the could do, yet they didn't give their fan any update.

not really, the reason it got dropped is because the developer lose their file data and the coding got mess up with Renpy new version

huhu cuối cùng cũng tới ngày này

quá mận quá kem

You can create a paypal acc then link your master/visa card to your acc.

they did doing a KS for Seiyuu Danshi and what happen after the campaign is not pretty (about tax and all), that's why they don't do it anymore.

I can't wait for the demo o( ̄┰ ̄*)ゞ

OMG... I really wonder just how long the full game length is, consider common route and Cyne route already around 180k words...

sentimental trickster and gods of love actually aready finish in!

I come here because of LoveNuts, but the writing feel like other Y Press's games, not Justyna. Is she leave the writing part for Y Press as well?

Haha, this is hilarious. I'm look forward for more.

I just wonder why you put the CG variety in separate slot instead of just one slot? Is it because you prefer it that way? Because if I remember it right, you just need to add the g.unlock image for the varitation. Something like...

g.unlock_image("CG variation 1")
g.unlock_image("CG variation 2") and so on...

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I think it because the game didn't completed with 3 route as promised that's why they lower the price, otherwise they won't. So the current uncompleted game IS the full game.

Also the version on Steam and here is different. The game here only have 2 chapter - which mean Itch version is only the demo, not even have full content of 2 release route. When you purchase here, it will give you the Steam key to access the game there instead. That's why they said although we may purchase it here but can only play the game on Steam because the full route content only avaiable there.

I do agree that, even with full 3 completed route, 30$ still high compare to other indie game with 3 route. But the current cost (13$) is reasonable for the game with 2 route.

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They actually lower the price on Steam so it have more reasonable price there (the full game on Steam go from 29.99$ [2018] to 18.99$ [2019] then 12.99$ [2020]). I don't know why they don't fix the price here though, maybe the don't think it necessary since full game only available on Steam, so ppl just go there to buy?



I think it highly unlikely get translation

  1. The game is fan game of Vietnamese comic which got dropped after volume one 6 years ago, so the fanbase pretty niche to have someone volunteer to translate it. And since most of the staff drop it half-way, which leave only 1 person try to finish it, I doubt they still have energy left to translate.
  2. The game extremely difficult to translate, consider it heavily contact the comic content (which make who didn't read it hardly understand), also a several joke - pun - culture relate stuff in there. So it will need a hell of explanation.

I can't, I myself request the permission for a year but see no respond, so I guess they already abandon their group email. I'm not their backer and pretty sure they already share it to their backer so they forgot to change the permission cuz us non-backer can't cmt and non of the backer demain that they can't access the file.

I see that everyone care for Emrys... so Darryl is mine muahahahaha.

I also like Neri, but I pretty satisfies with friendzone him here. He should date someone on the same side for his old self sake... Maybe become LI in the sequel, if this Royal series still continue? (haha)