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The protagonist just one of many vampire, a person do not have that much power to change the whole world lol And you can't change a person way of thinking that easy. That's the same in real life. A think Heath special ending is a GOOD ending, at least to him haha

I don't know if you need this, but my friend who is a tarot reader said the death only doesn't mean death, it need the death + the tower + the devil/10 of swords

OMG I love Kien so much. So so so so much that I only want to play his route. Arha is also a good heroine.

Hello. I just want you know that I really really really adore your game. I so happy to see you make Indo theme game, although I'm not Indonesian, but close enough to feel the similiar, and it's like breathing a new air with plenty JP theme or Asian culture hot pot game out there.

It's a random CG in foreplay. I think Hikaru must be top, the he tell Haato to turn ass to his face and his put his finger in Haato asshole.


I just redownload the game and try again, and I did unlock Fudanshi ! I don't know why because I just do the same... you should try redownload the game too!

Feb 11 he remind me 'bout Shiba birthday, not Valentine though...

Ofc I didn't have lover, I did thank him, wish him a happy birthday, go to Ponpon Land with him and stuff already ;_; That's why I'm super confused now...

for this issue you should try to contact with dev on their twitter or email...

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Could you share tips how to unlock Fudanshi ending? I'm win Seiyuu Award, meet him at 1st and 2nd times at park + Feb 11, July 16 and 23, , Aug 16, Sep 17 and Oct 19, pick all the choice that make him blush but still didn't get his ending.

I just try it out and yeah,  I didn't get his ending either (I even try spend time with him everytime before day skip...).

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the fan guide didn't mention the Sep 16th one so that's why...

Help! I don't know why I could not get Kei event at Oct 16th T_T I didn't got myself lover or anyone at crush.

Also I read that Haato need to lose the award,  what will turn out if he win?

If I remember right, it should be Beach date (July 16), Tocchan and Shiba birthday, his birthday (Aug 16), Ponpon Land (Oct 19), Comiket.

I didn't get Kei messenger in 16 October though... I wonder why....

No date for Fudanshi, only ending.

1.Pick the choose that make him blush anytime he notice event for you.

2.Meet him at park in his birthday.

3.Win seiyuu award and not end up with anyone

I you done right you will unlock his ending.

Thank you! I will try it out!

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I'm missing Hikaru 2nd and 3rd CG in 2nd page to completed his CG list. Please help me!

Oh, I adopt a cat so that’s why...

Thank you very much!

Said him to do what he really want (what he feel right is bad end)

I'm missing Shuu 3rd CG in the 2nd page. Which scene is it? How can I trigger it? (I didn't do the day skip :(()

Can I ask how to unlock the 3rd CG in your 1st pic? Which scene is it :(( ?

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I got bug in Shiba sick visit event... But I couldn't post the code because won't allow, they said body must be at most 20480 chars ._.

thank you!

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Any tip how to trigger Dildo time in Toru route? ._. I got it in Shiba and Tocchan route but it feel kinda random. I thought it trigger by get vibrator and masturbate at home a lot but it just won't trigger. I'm tired of playing again and again just for it ._. That was the last scene replay I missing from Toru... The 69 chibi pose also hard to get as well.

Also anyone remember amusement park date in which month? The calendar didn't mark it and I miss it since I skip day.

your game folder > game > save, all your save file would be there.

Please no don't say that bcs I already play Tocchan bad end LOL I regret everything about it but I'm just curious how it turn out when Haato mess up... Also I'm curious about Haato solo bad end :v

you didn't need to trouble yourself that much, just compress and up all your save file and I will find by my own Ò Ó

I'm sorry but could you share your save file? I'm too scare to play the bad end T_T

when the heart icon appear, immediately click and choose to be bottom, after around 4-5 times he will become top.

I'm missing Toru CG 2 on the 1st page. Someone please tell me what it is and how to ge it please.

can I ask how could you trigger the 1st CG on your pic?

How to unlock Shiba shower CG him as bottom? I got that CG him as top ver at my 1st date (although I top him that night) T_T

Also how to unlock this NPC quest? I remember I unlock his quest once but I couldn't now. Is it because I use stat cheat? I didn't go to VA school to take more lesson anymore since I max the stats.

thank you very much!!!

How to get toy from the guy at the shrine? He's the only one I couldn't get the toy :((

How could I unlock dirty talk?

Wow, you guy move it to renpy, I'm so glad (I don't like Unity so...)

But it's been a long time and no update so I'm kind of worry...

I know this is Chinese theme game  but... The MC outfit look like Ao Dai than Cheongsam, the hat look like Non La, and even MC name sound like Vietnamese name... And there is lotus which is Viet Nam national flower...

Hello there! I wonder if the released have voiced yet?

I couldn't see Mira's sprite ;;_;; Is only me have that bug? please help me!

I just download it yesterday :)

Ah, I forgot, will you all the text speed feature in the full game? My reading speed kind of fast, so...