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Came to the comments here to find the fix for this exact thing. Thanks alot.

thank you! Btw, I didn't mean it only works on 8x8 sprites or multiples of 8x8. At the moment, it only works with configurations of one single 8x8 sprite. Larger configurations of 8x8 sprites (like the player in your project) have larger minimum and maximum numbers of tiles they could intersect with, requiring more calculations and more tiles to be spawned on the color layer. I haven't figured out a way to automate that, so I have to calculate and manually edit each object that would have to cause clash.

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I've managed to get color clash working without having to futz with shaders, but it only works with 8x8 sprites right now. Instead of having the color on the sprites, I made the sprites transparent and put the color on a layer behind them. Then I had the player (and in theory, it would work with any object that can move) manipulate colored tiles on another layer (above the sprite color layer but below the sprites) using modulo so that they snap. (gif down below)

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Thanks for replying so quickly, I didn't expect that. I wasn't aware that that was how it worked. Don't worry about having "inconvenienced" me, cause I was just curious about it. (Also, I didn't technically buy the game multiple times. I bought the game on switch, and the pc version just happened to also be in the "bundle for racial justice and equality.")

Hello there. I own this game on switch as well, but I had a question. The "tate" mode on pc switches between two different vertical modes, clockwise flip and counterclockwise, however, on switch, theres only clockwise (The one direction that my monitor can't flip to T_T . I can only flip it 180 degrees, meaning that every single degree of rotation makes the game either sideways or upside down.) Is there a reason the switch version only flips clockwise?

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oof, tough game. I could barely get 21 seconds on normal mode. Really good job though. Very creative use of the concept in multiple ways.

1: i have not played the game. so her personality is irrelavant.

2: i meant as a seperate thing to this game

3: i meant as part of a game, not in real life, so therefore whether ir not she exists is meaningless.

whats wrong with hana. i'm a dude, so the concept of dating pbg or jontron, while novel, does not appeal to me.

i know they're not the same, the just remind me of them.

I'm not sure why, but alot of these look similar to stardew valley sprites

is anyone else experiencing input delay?

I have the same problem :(

Allright! thanks. it works great. I still wonder what happened though.

I cant get past "select language"

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if only I could date hana...