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Great game so far. I guess the missing features would have added a bit of variaty. But as of right now. It is still a nice little trading game :)

The art and sound were good. One thing iw oudl have loved to see were another way of naviagting to other cities. I mean, the Buttons were nice and functional but most of the cities were not in vision when i was able to travel to them. And is i am bad in remembering names :D

Good job.

Fun little yet short game. Sadly there was just that one level. I guess you could have done alot with the concept of rising waters. As others pointed out, a short animation would have been nice to 'end' the run. Maybe even a 'wait for input' reset.

The music was a bit loud but the controlls were good and on point.
Would love to see more of that :)

Good job!

Really a great game with great potential. The Art/Sound and Exposions were awesome! I really enjoyed it to just watch these explosions :D

In Addition to that, it was great that there was an endless mode cause the main level ended really quickly. Nonetheless it was fun! Some little and quick tweaks to add would have been a way to exit the current run and a way to enter 'Endles Mode' directly (maybe unlocked after beating the first level).

Also, as there were no Ammunition, it would have been prefered to click n hold to shoot instead of spam clicking.

Well Done! :)

The game is simple yet nice...
I do not know how much time i have spent already xD

The art and sounds were simple but somewhat matching and it was really thrilling to get that highscore! For some constructive feedback,
i would have added some particle effects of sort. That would have added a little bit to the overall feel.

But all in all,

Good job :)

Hello MurphysDad and Thank You for your Feedback. 

Making it mobile would be a totally new Experience but surely an interesting one. 

I guess the (somewhat bad and) confusing narrative comes back to my mediocre english, hehe. Additionally, the story is not fully wrote down so.. yea. My bad :-) but i wanted more than a plain tutorial so the 'supervisor' role came in handy.

Good point for the LMB to continue.. should be easy to implement. And for the level selection,

That should be accessible through the title screen (press esc in any level) :-)

Thank You flamewolf14. I really appreciate your Feedback. 

I was initially thinking to leave the narrative and just throw in some simple tutorial. But then i had some time left so i wanted to put in some more mystic ;-)

So i reorganized the levels and added the little story.  I guess my lacking english just did not told it well.

For the progress... yes that is true. That is something i did not think about. Good point, thank you :-)

If you wish to play/continue. You may press T on the title Screen in order to unlock all levels ;-)

First of all thank you nyctus1 for your feedback. Good to hear that you liked the game.

For the dialogs, you could have pressed esc. I know it is nowhere told (only enter to continue) so i let you know this way :-)

As I have read from other comments, Scope Creep was your friend too? :D
I liked the concept and the idea. The Gameplay was smooth and the controlls felt on point. A little more guideance regaring objectives and that there are weapons to unlock would have been nice. Maybe it would have helped to show the progress in and every so slightly filling garbage 'Symbol' or something like that.
But it was so enjoying to shot that darn robots :D

Great Job

A very clever take on the theme! I really enjoyed it.
Everything felt well polished and the tutorial was a nice addition, too! I would have loved to see some more levels but even what you have here is some really great work.

One thing that would have improved the gameplay would have been platforms which are passable from below. I guess my piggy has some huge bumps on the head right now :D

Good job!

In a nutshell, very nice effects and a great gaming experience. The graphics were nice and appropriate. The only thing that gave me problems was getting stuck on furniture. But other than that, nothing more to add :) Good job

In my opinion, a successful contribution. I mean to remember that you wrote (Discord), that you learned a lot and that matters a lot. A few small changes such as a few particle effects and a few changes to the movement controller (it was possible to walk outside the play area) would be recommended. All in all good job

I really enjoyed the game. The graphics were very nice and fit perfectly into the scene. I especially liked the title screen.

Control was a bit delayed but once you got used to it, it went fine.

One thing that bothered me a little was the text at the beginning. It would have been nice if this could have been skipped. But on the whole, good job!

In summary, I really enjoyed the game. Some parts of the puzzle could possibly be reworked, but in most situations they were well thought out! The 'Lights-Out' level in particular gave me real difficulties on the first run. A little more vision-range would have been nice.

I found the gadgets very suitable and easy to use. For the score it would have been nice to consider the time required. Keep it up :D

Wow, Thank you for your time and feedback!

In fact, it would have been great if there had been a tutorial. especially because of the gadgets / extra moves that are not directly obvious. The level of difficulty actually depends a lot on chance. I had adjusted this again so that the most difficult enemies appear less often at the beginning, but from level 10 or so there should also be cameras and elite guards (the ones with a cone detection and instant movement) that at least increase the difficulty a little. But i have to be honest, that i did not playtest it long enough. I was aware that the difficulty is somewhat odd but not in which direction. 

All in all i really appreciate your effort in playing my entry and your detailed feedback.

Thank You for your feedback. Yes, a little in game introduction would have been nice 👍

Thank you for your feedback. Yes, it would have been a different experience with predetermined levels. But due to time restrictions it would have been impossible to build interesting enough levels. I guess some more features would have helped too. 🙂

Thank you for your Feedback. Yes, it is repetitive. I could have added more n more feature with a little more time 😀

First of all Thank you! I appreciate your feedback.
That is true, a tutorial or within a puzzle game an one by one introduction would have fitted better. The main bottleneck was the first pressure system which i have discraded. After that there was little time left so I decided to just roll out the Editor :-)

Thank you for the feedback. To be honest, You do not need any experience with Dwarf Fortress. I just mentioned it in the description as after i discraded the first pressure system (which failed horribly) i found an article about the way DF ist handling that and expanded on that. :)

I totally agree that it would have been much better as a puzzle game. I could have introduced the single piceses one by one but right now,

there is just an open pit of possibilities with so many werid things!

Thanks You!

Well, i liked it! A simple yet entertaining platformer. The controls were good whereas the camera was a bit to snappy. It would have bin good if it would follow a bit behind (Lerping the position delta etc.).

The Double Jump section was though yet well designed!

Good job

Simple but good. The controls were on point and worked for me.
The E-Break is definitly a great option to get that damn red cars where thex belong :D

Some sound effects would have been nice when getting rammed or shooting the enemies.

Great art and good implementation.
I liked how the accuracy drops when moving and shooting.

For me personally it would have been helpfull to get a rough direction to the closest enemy. Starting in Level is, i got lost frequently while getting shot and not knowing from where.

But all in all, good job!

Really clever concept. Even though I had a rough feeling about what would happen i just lost it on the first try :D

Great Job!

Well done. I liked it even though it is hard as hell :D

First a Question... Are there any secrets? :D Turns out, Death does not come to all of us :P

All in all great. The sounds are nice. The Controlls are good!
Simple but entertaining. Good job!

Good suggestion! That would definitely help.

Exactly, the numbers represent the 'Water Level'.

Yes, it was planned as a puzzle game.
Unfortunately, due to major problems with the 'water pressure simulation' (which I ultimately replaced with a simpler solution), I didn't achieve as much as I wanted. So I only published the editor / sandbox mode.

Thank You for your feedback and playing

Hi, thank you for your comment. Currently there is no hint. You could observe the sample scene and find out by yourself but i will add an description to the games page as soon as i return home.


Well hello everyone,
I'm thinking to join the jam with an already started project.
Though, in order to participate i have to implement something 'procedural'.
The Project is about a space trading game...

This means for my Project, i would add random/procedural space map generation.
Would that be enough? As, it would generally only happen once you start a new 'Save-File' and is set for at least 95% of the content.

How do you think about this? Thank you and best of luck to all of you

Thank You,

I will deferentially add some more levels and maybe do a bit more polish (especially the camera).

These Sound effects :D Really great. Also the art and Animations were really good! Controls were on point. Nothing to add.

Good job

Interesting Idea and great take on the theme. Would have been interesting to see more of it. The controls were good. Sadly I had some issues with the collectables glitching through the vehicle. But nothing crazy :)

Great Job!

Very nice take on the theme! Got me a bit by surprise that you slow down when collecting stuff. I  guess that's what you get for not reading the descriptions :)
Great Game, good job!

Very interesting take on the theme! Really relaxing and very nice to play. I really liked it. Additionally there was a good variety in options for the different dialogs/Tales. Great Job :)

Really nice game,

I liked it a lot to explore each area. The combat is fine even though I would have loved to kill the 'Sandworms'? with the fire trap :D

Great Job

Thank you for your kind words,
I struggle a bit with the camera decision. I hear a lot that it is difficult.
In a newer version I at least added the ability to change the sensitivity.
Maybe this will help, not sure. But I like the smooth movement in a way, hmm.

To be honest, whilst creating the concept I thought a lot of portal so I went into the laboratory environment.
I'm glad you liked it :)

Idea and concept were nice. It was a great take on the theme. But bringing the ammo back before i can shoot it seemed a bit off. Maybe the coins would have been enough and the ammo can be used instantaneously.
But all in all good entry :)

I liked your game. Especially the Art and Animations were great :-)
Overall the game seemed good polished and played out very nice.
Though the last 'waves' on each level take a bit long as only few 'enemies' throw the Science Projectiles.
But all in all great submission.

Interesting to play. I liked the art even so it was simple. Good job.
Sadly I had some issues with the controls. Sometimes i was clipped through doors/walls.

Anyways Great first entry :)

A really great entry. I had a lot of fun playing it. The theme was cleverly implemented.
Good job :)

I really enjoyed this one!
Nice dash mechanic and very good controls!

Great game