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First of all, so sorry for the late response on this, Bloks has gone a bit inactive and I feel like it still needs some work some time in the future (it just looks a bit unprofessional and is a bit clunky to use if I'm honest, but all the features that are shown work fine)

As for your questions:

- The grid isnt exported with the model, so the grid size doesn't really matter

- I'm afraid its not possible to import your own primitives.

Perhaps Asset Forge (by Kenny, its a fantastic tool) might be a better fit for you, that allows you to import your own primitives I believe and was generally what I was going for with Bloks (apart from the fact that bloks is in that first person, game like view).


Funny enough this is something I really am considering, in fact Im thinking of making the new UI more VR like (even in a normal build). However I was putting it off as I dont have a VR headset, but now you've told me its not that difficult to add in, it would be a big priority for me to do so! The only issue might be in the flying mode, but I'll figure it out.  

Do you know what the general consensus of which headset is most popular (rift or vive)? Or if they work pretty much the same, in which case I would of course make it available for both.  
As for the update itself its all going very well, the new powertools system is much easier to use (and would work perfectly with VR) and I'm adding in a copy paste tool as well, which should be handy.  
Thanks again for all the help spreading the word!

Hi there everyone, this is just a post to go over the launch of the new BLOKS update, the Fabricator Update. Here's a quick rundown of the new features BLOKS has to offer:

Scrolling for colour selection

New UI

Powertools (allows you to quickly place common structures, rather than manually building them)

3 new blocks

Better export optimisation

You can see the trailer for the update here: