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What I would love is to clear the world so I will have more building room and less lag. What I mean is to just have the ranch and open space to build off. Because when I usally make maps theres always ALOT of extra building just to block somthing off and then I cant build very high things or else the world will be shown and you can escape. Is there any chance of gettin a feature like this...?

Just look up some videos about it

Hold on, your not gonna get a mod for game that is 1$ thats in beta, BUT you will buy a 20$ game that is in early acsess... p_q

You are a terrible person

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The real reason I brought this topic up is because I dont want the mod to be taken down and all your hard work go down the drain, Not because it cost's money so im not complaining about the price at all, I was just concerned.

Well I searched around the web and found out its not legal to make mods for a game and pay money for it but its fine for donations so maybe change the buy button to a donation button or something.

PS. Love mod (: