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Cool! Only just noticed this reply, sorry!

Can I use these zines in games?

I love this game, it was honestly hilarious.

The pleasure was all mine.


So, what can I code with this? Just GDscript, or can I use it outside of Godot for, say, JavaScript or C#?


Can I record and use animations in my games? I will credit you in the description.

That... was awesome!

'Before' you got Minecraft?

I sure am glad there are emojis to differentiate it from Minecraft!

Couldn't say. Look in the chiptune section, it has lots of beeps and boops.

Never mind, it's working now. Not sure what caused it though(maybe my Itch was needing an update or something).

Sorry to bother you about updates again but my itch says there are no game files found for me to download.

I'd be lying if I said I understood it.

So, thought I'd make a thread where we can all discuss our games and progress on them. Obviously, mostly when the jam starts, but when an still discuss our ideas (I guess).

This is great! I love how unique the turn-based rouglike stealth gameplay is.

Love it! All my game music is made with this. (So far.) The editor is accessible, but deep. Couldn't make it better if I tried.

Got all endings; hilarious game. Loved it!

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How should we update? Does the game install it automatically, is there a button to press or do we reinstall the game in the new version?

What's BTS?

This looks great. I must check it out. How are music licenses for products?(Can I use tuner songs in my games?)

At least you're being honest with us.

A well deserved success. Congratulations!

I always said that if someone made a Mono game, they'd have to be brave or stupid. This seems like a third option: too light-hearted for their own good.

Looking good!

Where were you on the night of the murder?

Used in detective films lots. I love how direct and , at times, comical this line can be.

This is where you can place feedback, suggestions and constructive criticism for the demo.

This game features you manipulating an actual Windows window with stakes, and getting to challenging bosses. If you can, play it. It is a lovely game with a beautiful concept.

It takes real dedication to look at your game and think: I must restart this.   I commend you and look forward to the final release, whenever it may be. 

Thanks for that! Personally, I believe that even though it says 'good' the best ending is for you to decide. Love the positive feedback!

Aw well, we all have one jam we couldn't finish...

The best game concept. Ever.

That ending, that ending.

Sea monster. How charming.

This game was certainly unique, I enjoyed it quite a lot.