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Where were you on the night of the murder?

Used in detective films lots. I love how direct and , at times, comical this line can be.

This is where you can place feedback, suggestions and constructive criticism for the demo.

This game features you manipulating an actual Windows window with stakes, and getting to challenging bosses. If you can, play it. It is a lovely game with a beautiful concept.

It takes real dedication to look at your game and think: I must restart this.   I commend you and look forward to the final release, whenever it may be. 

Thanks for that! Personally, I believe that even though it says 'good' the best ending is for you to decide. Love the positive feedback!

Aw well, we all have one jam we couldn't finish...

The best game concept. Ever.

I am looking forward to it! Chapbook is probably my favourite story format in Twine.

That ending, that ending.

Sea monster. How charming.

This game was certainly unique, I enjoyed it quite a lot.

Why, thank you! Sorry about the length, I am still just starting out at making games.

Loved it! I am excited to see this concept expanded.

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I love how after the virus rumour spreads, the creator makes the most suspicious 'not a virus' message ever. Note: I am aware it is not a virus.

Go space bunnies! *Chuckles at screen*

Know what you mean. Game making can be a blessing and a curse with things like that. (I am referring to the worldbuilding thing)

Hey! This is Bobnibu, a group (OK, maybe just 2 friends) passionate about making fun games. Although all our current games are IF, we plan to make other kinds of games too!

I see. Will attempt to solve it. In the meantime, please try downloading directly from the game page on Thanks for your patience.

Thanks for that. 😀

Have always wanted an indie game on this niche, yet surprisingly AAA controlled sub-genre.

Must the game show a bunny or can it just describe one? You see, I will be using Twine, and I realise that it makes image incorporation quite tricky.

In what way could you not open it?

Thanks. I will try to figure out the problem of those who can not open it.

I have released a renpy game for this jam. However, some people can not play it as it is a .zip file. How should I convert it?

When you come up with a marketing thing and realise:  that has to be in the game now.

I am creating a noir game in Renpy about gang culture and the morality of decisions for this jam.