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the new build works! thanks.

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It appears there is a issue with the latest itch build that prevents a fourth player from joining. not sure what is causing this but i think it's a problem with the game itself as trying any other 4 player game with the same controllers works, and you even can't join the fourth spot with the keyboard if u try. first found out about this when trying to play with friends on parsec but the same issue occurs locally. hope this gets fixed ty ty 

got it! thanks. i'd say you should maybe change the store page to reflect that. i was using it as a guide lol. 

a couple more "nice to have" things i thought abt
drag & drop support for opening files
the ability to hide effect symbols
the ability to change what symbols are used for certain effects (pipe dream. i do not expect this in the slightest)


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Unsure if this would b considered a issue or suggestion but it would be cool to have the program automatically add .txt to the end of the filename without needing to type it manually when saving. Unless you specify a diff extension of course. Thanks!

(also i can't figure out how to do the yellow highlight effect, brackets do nothing)

Oh m ygod I just want to be a flamingo please

this is a game i've been dreaming about for a long while tysm for making it 

i love this thank u